Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Dress:Khols Shoes: DSW  

I wore this dress last week to pick my car up from it's oil change, go to a mid century-tastic estate sale and a few not so great yard sale's near my house. I kind of forgot about this dress for a while until I was looking for an easy outfit to wear to the car repair place. While browsing my closet I remembered this dress and fell back in love with it. This dress was one of my first dress purchases a couple years ago when I decided to add skirts and dresses into my wardrobe. Before 2010 the last time I had worn a dress was prom. I got this at Khols on sale and liked it's shape and it's kind of cool dot rose pattern. It also has kind of a 40's detail that I like. It's a cute and easy dress to wear, you just put it on and go. The only problem with this outfit is the shoes. I got them years ago and the plastic heel has always been slippery, they're very cute but I can't wear them when going to certain places. Unfortunately I haven't worn them in a while, forgot about the shitty heel, and ended up awkwardly slipping on my way down a driveway to a garage sale. So now I'm on the lookout for better pointed toe flats.

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