Sunday, October 27, 2013

Defying Gravity

Top &Shoes : Target  Skirt: ASOS

          I wore this to see Gravity in 3D. It was my first 3D movie and I can't recommend it enough it's really good and the 3D really enhances the experience instead of detracting from it. I went to see the movie the same day as my interview and decided to keep the blouse I was wearing (because it's soo  cute) and dress it up a bit for night. Plus I was feeling a bit fancy ( as I had straight hair for the first time in like 3 years) so I dressed up a bit. This was taken just 3 weeks ago when it was warm enough to still go bare legged, unfortunately it seems tights weather has taken over, possibly for good. Winter is coming. :(.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Halloween Costume Ideas

           I didn't really have any plans to do anything for Halloween this year, maybe sit home watch a scary movie and hand out candy. But I got invited to a couple Halloween parties this weekend so it's looking more and more likely that I'll be going to at least one. Of course that also means I need a costume. I have a few costume ideas and some pieces in my wardrobe that I could fashion into some sort of costume. Although I have a good amount of items for a costume already in my wardrobe I plan to make a thrift trip anyway to see if I can find a piece for an even better costume or to add to the two I'm already considering. Assuming I don't find anything mind blowing at the thrift store, here are some mood boards of the two biggest contenders for costumes that I could fashion out of things already in my wardrobe.

1. Rhoda Fabulous :

Rhoda Fabulous

           I recently picked up a 70's maxi dress at goodwill that came with a matching scarf. When trying to figure out a good way to style it for a costume I thought of Rhoda, you know Mary's bff from the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Rhoda was super funky and loved a good headscarf. Apparently headscarves were big in the 70's.  For this look I'd utilize the maxi dress and matching scarf I already own, add a funky large gold necklace or large gold hoop earrings, and large 70's style Jackie-O sunglasses. After pinteresting a bunch of 70's maxi dresses and Rhoda inspired looks this one is definitely the front runner for my costume.

2. Diana Ross

Diana Ross

       When I say Diana Ross I'm thinking more 70's Diana, post supremes. Ms. Ross is fabulous point blank period and a Diana Ross costume goes seamlessly with natural hair. A Good wrap dress, maybe a jumpsuit, sexy mini dress, or a long but sexy maxi style dress/ gown all work for this look. Add some long elbow length gloves,  a fabulous feather boa, Ms.Ross's trademark curls and a some divalicious makeup with a red lip and boom, instant Diana.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Interview style gone right

Blazer: Thrift  Pants: ASOS Top & Shoes: Target

            I've gone on a variety of interviews since starting this blog but have never actually blogged the outfits. I have a hard time, like i'm sure many people do, dressing for interviews. I want to look professional and mature but also look myself. This is especailly hard since most interview appropriate clothing are things I don't wear regularly (blazers, suits, etc.). So every time I get an interview I comb my wardrobe for pieces, determine I have nothing to wear, buy something and think it looks ok, then I take outfit photos and realize just how awkward I really look. It's a struggle. I always feel like a kid playing Business woman instead of professional highly qualified candidate that you should totally hire.
             Anyway I recently had another interview and was determined to find a professional outfit that I looked and felt good in and didn't make me feel like I was playing dress up. So after work one day I went wondering around the mall to find interview appropriate clothing that would look good, but still make me feel like me. Of course I didn't end up finding ANYTHING. I also found out why i'm not a big blazer fan, it is so incredibly hard to find a blazer that fits well. Since I'm short a lot of blazers are too long and just look too boxy, it's a lot harder than you would think to find a blazer that is fitted, not too boxy and fits. Anyway after finding nothing at the mall  I headed to the thrifts and ended up finding the above blazer. When I found the blazer I thought a cute blouse and a nice pair of black pants would pair swimmingly with it. So I headed over to target and found this blouse, I also bought some black dress pants but couldn't find a sewing kit to hem them in time so just ended up wearing an older pair of black dress pants that I wear for work. In the end I think this is the first interview outfit I actually really like. I felt like myself just more professional, which is always my goal. Oh and if your wondering I just straightened my hair to see how it looked. I hadn't straightened it for three years and was a little bored with my hair and curious what it would look like so I did. I'm keeping it for a week just to change it up, but I'll be back to curly next week.