Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!!!

     I hope you guys are having a great Halloween, it's one of my favorite holidays. This year will most likely be more of the watching Halloween movies type years as i'm really not sure if I'm gonna dress up or not tonight (i'm leaving it up to my mood later tonight). So since I may or may not have a costume post later I figured I'd give you a peek into my favorite halloween costume ever!

     Yes when I was about 6 I was the yellow power ranger. I LOVED Power Rangers, as did pretty much every kid my age at that time. But at the time my best friend was girly-er and definitely more of a pink ranger kinda girl, so obviously I had to be the yellow power ranger as she was the only other girl ranger on the US show. So when Halloween rolled around I had to be the yellow power ranger, there were no other options it was the yellow power ranger or death! (not really but you get the gist). Alas they did not sell yellow ranger halloween costumes. Oh they had the pink ranger, they had the blue ranger, they had the red, the green, EVERY OTHER RANGER EXCEPT YELLOW! My little heart was crestfallen.

     Thankfully my mom is really into halloween and she got one of my daycare providers and my grandma to make me this costume. I even remember going to Jo Anne fabrics and getting the pattern and yellow and white felt. The only thing that wasn't hand made were the gloves which we got at Target and made swish-y noises (like you were punching something?) when you moved the fingers.  Anyway it was the best costume ever. My best friend and I even got to walk around as the pink and yellow power rangers that year when we went to this Fox 9 halloween kid thing, it was pretty epic. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Last Minute Halloween Costume Inspiration

I've been meaning to do some Halloween inspiration posts but i've been lazy... turns out October has been a far less productive month blog wise, apologies. Anyway I figured i'd do a little post on some last minute Halloween costume ideas.  I'm a big fan of the diy costume, most of my costumes from the past few years have been made up mostly of items already in my closet. So if you need a last minute costume you should definitely take inventory of your closet and see what you already own that you can fashion into something awesome. Anyway here are a few costume ideas to spark your imaginations.

1. Bee and Puppycat

bee and puppycat

Bee and Puppycat is an online cartoon that's pretty adorbs.  Bee's outfit is super cute and pretty easy to copy. The only thing that may be harder to find is a bee applique and a puppycat plush.

2. Mia Wallace

Mia wallace

I recently re-watched Pulp Fiction as my boyfriend had somehow managed to have never seen it. What?? I know. He's not a huge fan of Quinten Tarentino's liberal use of the N-word, which I get but still. Anyway while watching I was reminded how easy yet chic a Mia Wallace costume would be as you probably have most of the items already in your closet and all you really need to buy is a wig.

3.Totally 90's
90's Chic

Obvioulsy the 90's is a super wide category you could be a raver, spice girl, grunge, etc. Really it's all up to you and your inspiration.  Take out your overalls, Daisy print, slip dress, Sunflower print, Tommy Hilfiger, starter jackets etc and dress up like you did in the 90's (or would have).

4. The returned Amy Dunne from Gone Girl (spoilers)

gone girl

If you haven't seen Gone Girl go see it, it's crazy. Although maybe go with a friend it is definitely a weird date movie, trust me. Anyway If you haven't seen the movie or read the book avert your eyes! But if you have, returned Amy Dunne is kind of an amazing costume. All you need is a blonde bob wig, a box cutter, a pink satin nightie and a lot of fake blood. Then have you're friend/husband/boyfriend dress up as freaked out Nick Dunne (with little orange cat of course) and walk around like the fucked up couple you are. Or have him walk around with his neck split and he can be zombie Desi. Win/win either way.

5. Wrong Waldo

wrong waldo

Everyone's done a where's waldo costume at this point so bring a new twist to the costume be wrong Waldo. You know those people in red striped clothing that you spotted from afar but upon a closer look you notice it's a woman with a red skirt and blue top, or he's a redhead with red and white shirt and green pants. Wrong waldo doesn't wear the glasses maybe has the hat. This would probably be better if you had a friend going and Waldo but I think it would work either way. Or just go as waldo, whatever floats your boat.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What I didn't Buy at the Thrift Store

1. Display shelf. I've been searching for something similar for awhile but it just wasn't exactly what I was looking for... so I decided against it. Looking back I kind of regret it, it's pretty cute and wasn't that bad price wise. oh well.

2.  Daisy Table. This table is super cute but I have no space for it so it was a no go.

3. Cute little cabinet. This was cute too but it didn't have a back and I wasn't feeling the doors. I would be probably be a good candidate for a DIY but the probability of that actually happening is super low plus I didn't have any inspiration for it in store so I left it.

4. Coffee? Bar? cart. I saw this at a warehouse sale for a local thrift store. It was cute and super cheap ($5.00) but in the end I talked myself out of it since I wasn't in love with it.

5. Mid Century Doll House. This doll house was adorable but it was kind of expensive and I don't collect doll houses of have a kid to give it to so I left it behind.

6. JESUS (on velvet). If it was an velvet Elvis I would have picked this up in a heartbeat. I like some religious paraphernalia  but I wasn't crazy about this guy and  I'm not very religious so I don't really need a velvet jesus i'm not in love with.

7.  Cannisters. These were cool and kind of art deco but they were missing the sugar and to be honest I have a few of them so If it's not a complete set or doesn't blow my mind I tend to move along. Although looking back they are pretty cute...

8.  Balloon Ballerina. I saw this at a random estate sale, it's made of what looks like a bunch of tiny balloons. It was cute and would be adorable in a kids room but I gots no kids.

9. 50's lamp. This lamp was cute but It wasn't cool enough for me to get it. And I'm pretty sure it was 25.00 and if you look you can see it was untested and had no shade, so that was crazy.

10.  FDR.  I've seen a bunch of framed photos etc of Kennedy (online not in the wild) but never of FDR. This frame was cool but wasn't cool enough for me to get it.

11. Diamond Rug. OK I'll admit I regret not getting this, but it was $100.00 and I just couldn't.

12.  Cacti Mirrors. Aren't these mirrors so bad they're good? I seriously almost got the little one but then decided against it since I was already spending more than I wanted. I stand by the choice. They're cool mirrors but I'm not kicking myself for leaving them.

13.  Shadowbox. I came across this shadowbox earlier in the year but I didn't like the vignettes on the side. I decided to hold out for a nicer one and am glad I did because I totally found one!

14.  Bacon Genie. Ok I was never gonna get this I was just amused that this was a thing.

15. Dog bowl? I honestly have no idea what this is. It was a target item but I have no idea what the use for it is, do you? It has a bowl type thing in the dogs back is it a dog bowl? a planter? I have no idea. I've seen a million of these since taking this picture so I guess no one else knew what this was either.

16. Scandinavian-ish cabinet. This cabinet was kinda cute but yeah didn't love it

17.  Zayne Doll. I'm not a 1D fan and don't know anyone who is but the 10 year old in me totally gets the appeal. I remember having a doll of a certain sporty spice girl back in my day (even though doll sporty spice was kinda creepy).

18.  Side Tables. These tables were ok but not amazing. Pass.

19. Bold Wall Art.  Something about these two pieces of wall art were appealing to me, probably the bold colors. They were cool but again I didn't love em' so I left em'.

20. Mid Century-ish Cabinet. This was kinda cute but not a cabinet I couldn't live without and definitely not one I was willing to try and figure out transportation for.

21. Lamps. My mom has a lamp similar to the one on the left which I kinda like but... didn't need it.

22.  Owl salt and pepper. These were cute, but I wasn't in love.

23. House drawer? I don't really understand what this is for. It's a cute little house ontop of this random drawer.  It was just so weird I had to take a picture of it.

Friday, September 26, 2014


I've seen a bunch of bloggers do these posts and always liked them but never actually tried them. So no time like the present right? If I can I may make this a recurring series on the dear old blog. I actually saw the skirt I'm wearing on ASOS before I ever saw the inspiration picture on pinterest and as soon as I saw It I knew I had to get it. All the stars seemed to aline in my favor as I got an ASOS voucher as a gift around the same time. I love the easy yet chic look in the inspiration look and decided to go for that this time around.  I switched out the turtle neck for my scoop neck crop top since i'm not a big fan of turtlenecks and I wore this outfit in the summer when turtlenecks were out of the question. I wore this skirt a bunch this summer although I'm not sure if I'll be transitioning this skirt to fall ( it's more of a spring/summer look to me), but we'll see maybe some fall/winter inspiration for this skirt will hit me.


My interpretation:

Top and Skirt: ASOS || Shoes: thrift

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fall/Winter 2014 Inspiration

       The highlights of my summer wardrobe consisted of some key monochromatic looks. There's just something about black and white that's been really attractive to me this year. That compulsion has only grown as we enter the new season. This fall/winter I'm really into black and white with graphic prints and pops of oxblood, mustard, emerald, nude, blush and navy. This revelation occurred from, of all places, a forever 21 look book. I was just really into the sleek downtown look of one of their collections and that inspiration has propelled my style inspiration this season. Of course everything I wear this season won't fit the inspiration but a lot of it probably will. Anyway here's a mood board for my fall/winter 2014 style inspiration.


*All images found via Pinterest

Monday, September 8, 2014

I bought a Vowl! (Thrift Haul)

1. Georges Briard coffee pot

I spotted this coffee pot at Arc's Value village and immediately picked it up. It's in the Ambrosia pattern which isn't the most sought after of Georges Briard's work but is still really cool. And the fact that it's not super expensive on the ebays means it's ripe for the picking. I've liked the kitschy pattern for awhile so I pretty much snatched it off the shelf when I saw it. Plus it looks good in my nice little collection of retro kitchenware. 

2. Framed Poster

I found this print at a thrift store in northern Minnesota. It was actually a pretty decent thirft store but the prices were a wee bit high. I liked this enough to get it though.

3. Mid Century Modern Shadowbox

it's hard to take pictures of these things when you haven't hung them up yet.  


After forcing my boyfriend to get up at 7 on Saturday to go to the flea market I then talked my mom into going too. I figured she'd be in into it a little more than my boyfriend. Anyway we got there at about 11 which was two hours later than the first time I went and though there were venders, there weren't nearly as many. We walked around a bit but nothing was killing us and none of the prices were great so we left. But, we did end up going to one of the antique stores on the hour long journey back home. One such establishment was an old antique store that now is mostly cast offs from remodeled homes, but had some cool old stuff too. Among a bunch of random stuff I found this cool shadow box. I've been looking for a nice shadowbox for awhile so when I saw this one I knew I had to get it.

4. Blendo Glassware Pink Cups

some blendo bowls (?) my mom thrifted a few years ago
 These blendo cups were again found at Arc's value village. My mom has an orange bowl and four small bowls in this same style (second picture) and I love the kitschy pattern so I had to get them.

5.The Letter "O"

I see letters at the thrift store a lot but they're mostly craft store ones for kids rooms, not really the kind of letters I'm looking for. So when I randomly saw this letter "O" at the thrift store for 4 bucks I kind of had to get it. I have a "Z" (although not a real cool one, it's hard to find "Z"'s ) so I figured I could add to my "Z" and have the first two letters of my name. I have a feeling the letter trend is kind of on it's way out, but I still like it so whatever.

6. Mid Century Lamp Shade

 I got this lampshade at the Salvation Army on labor day, it was like 2 bucks and I thought it would look good with the green lamp that I thrifted a few months ago. Of course now I need to buy a lamp kit and figure that whole thing out because the lamp base as is doesn't have the hardware to hold up a lampshade. Anyway I like the look of the lampshade it has kind of a ratan-ish outer shade and a smaller fiberglass inside shade. I can't yet tell if it's a perfect match for my green lamp but when I held it up to the lamp it looked good.

**As always linking up with Sir Thrifts-a-lot's Thriftasaurus, be sure to check out all the cool stuff other bloggers have found there.