Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Collective Thrift Haul 2015 to ... now

I haven't done a thrift haul in a year! Sorry guys I've fallen off my blogging game, but I'm coming back I promise! I'm aiming for twice a week. Anyway I have found some awesome stuff in the past year so I figured I'd get my butt in gear and show you what I've found!

1.  Vintage Green Coat with fur collar

One thing I've been searching the thrift stores for since forever is a nice vintage coat that fits me well. I've found a good number of coats that meet this description but all of them have been way too long. I'm a hearty 5'1 so many of the coats are made for taller people and leave me looking like I'm playing dress up. So I was shocked when I tried this bad boy on and it not only fit but it wasn't too long! It was originally $24.00 but I got it on sale for $12, score!

2. Mid Century Modern Blue lamp 

I found this guy at the salvation army during the MLK day sales. I wasn't sure if they were having  a sale or not but it was near another thrift store and I figured I'd check and see what they had. Fortunately they were having a sale and I spotted this lamp. I immediately went into a mini frenzy and wasn't sure if I should get it. There were two lamps and they were marked 39.99 a piece. WTF salvation army? but the sale made them around 20. I decided to compromise and only get one since I had already spent way too much money. But yeah in hindsight I should have gotten the second one, since it would have been better to have a pair. But you live, you learn right?

3. Mid Century Teak Lamp

I found this guy at Savers for like $7.00 a little before Christmas. I'm always looking for these teak lamps since I don't see them much at thrift stores. It has a broken end but for 7 bucks I was willing to overlook that. I really like it and it's almost identical to one I saw at the Junk Bonanza for way more. Now I just need to find a cool lampshade.

4. Red Wing Pottery Capistrano

I found this at the Salvation army in early November. There are a bunch more pieces than those shown but I didn't feel like digging them all out for the picture.  It was in one of those baskets they make up for matching dishes and was pretty expensive,  like a $120.00. I think it's probably the most expensive things I've ever bought at a thrift store. But, my mom collects this pattern and It's Red Wing pottery so it's very collectible. My mom went to an estate sale once that was selling this pattern and they were selling each piece individually so I figured even if it was expensive It was still a pretty good deal based solely on the sheer number of things in the basket and it would make a good Christmas gift for my mom.

5.  Fiestaware creamer

This is another Christmas gift for my mom, she also collects/ uses Fiestaware dishes. I saw this little creamer and knew it was an item she didn't have. Usually if I see Fiestaware at a thrift store I pick it up for her.

6.  Michael Kors Bag

I found this guy for $19.00 and from what I've read on the internet it's a legit Michael Kors bag. It wasn't in the glass case where you usually see suspected designer purses it was in the small home decor section next to candles and stuff. But I really like the bag and I've been using it pretty heavily since. I found it just in time too since my old purse was seconds away from breaking.

7. Stuart Weitzmen studded loafers

I found these the same day at the Michael Kors bag, sometimes you just have those days when you're on a roll. I haven't completely broke them in but I like em' a lot and they were around $14.00.

8.  Christmas Pyrex

 I found this awhile ago at a Goodwill but never shared it on the blog. It's one of the odd Pyrex pieces I've picked up in the last few years.  I've mentioned before I've pretty much limited myself to only picking up pyrex with patterns I like on them so it weeds out a lot of Pyrex. This one has a very cute and festive design though so I went ahead and picked it up.

9.  ASOS loafers

 I got these at Savers last year sometime in like new condition and they've been in heavy rotation ever since. They're pretty comfy and I think they look pretty cool.

10.  Sole Society Pumps

I've been looking for a good solid pair of pumps for more business-y situations and I think these fit the bill. I like that they have a smaller heel, I'm not real confident in heels just yet so they're kinda the perfect height. They give some height but aren't so tall I feel wobbly in them. They're around $69.95 dollars retail but I got them for $9.

11. I heart __ picture frame

This picture frame has been in my ModCloth "loves" list forever so when I saw it at Savers I had to pick it up. I'm either gonna give it to my bf for a present at some point or keep it, we'll see.  If you like it you can get it online here.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Spring/Summer 2016 Essentials

 My list of wants this season are pretty small since the 70's trend has continued full speed into this season a lot of the pieces I acquired last year have transferred pretty easily. Off the shoulder is the main trend I'm obsessed with this year and I am definitely looking to add some key pieces to my wardrobe. Everything else is pretty accessories heavy. I've been digging strappy shoes for awhile and definitely need a pair of strappy flats to add to my summer rotation. I'm also pretty obsessed with the white sneaker trend. With all the events that go on this season a good walking shoe is essential and a white sneaker is one of the chicest ways to go. And of course everyone needs a chic pair of sunnies to top off any summer look. I've been obsessed with the Dior So Real sunnies but I can't afford to drop $300 on a pair so cheaper knock offs it is!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

This thing called life

Prince Rogers Nelson 1958-2016

As pretty much everyone knows at this point Prince died Thursday of unknown causes at Paisley Park.  I won't lie that day was a pretty rough one for my family. My mom is a huge Prince fan and has been since the early 80's. I was raised on Prince, he was one of a few artist my mom would blare loudly on Saturday mornings when I was a kid as she cleaned the house. And as a local (and international) Icon his music has always played on the radio here no matter what the station. Possibly rarest of all is that he stayed in Minnesota and was really a part of the community. There are other celebrities from Minnesota but very few still make Minnesota their main residence ( and weather wise that's understandable) but the fact that Prince stayed always made us love him even more.

So even though I never met Prince and didn't know him it was almost like he was part of the family, as silly as that sounds. When we heard he had died, officially, the rest of the day was pretty much a loss. I even cried which legit I've only done for one other celebrity, my fave Amy Winehouse. I was so glad I got to see him live earlier this year but deeply saddened and in stunned disbelief that he was really gone. While there were many dance parties and events that night I just couldn't bring myself to mourn that way. I love to dance, but I just didn't feel like dancing that day. I did though love seeing some of the performers on live-streams via facebook.  After a few days it's definitely gotten better and i'm moved on from just being sad to being able to really celebrate his life. May he rest in purple.