Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Junk BoNaNzA 2015!

I've been to the Junk Bonanza a couple times now (in 2012 and 2013) but had to skip last year since both my mom and I worked during the festivities. This year we both had time to go the first day of the event and were pretty pumped. Though we don't always come away with things there's so much cool stuff to see it's always worth a trip. Plus, the things we have picked up there are pretty awesome and some of our favorites. This year we went on the first day and boy was it busy. The first main room was super crowded and it was a bit hard to make your way into different booths as you were kind of swept forward with the crowd. Luckily the other three rooms were far less crowded. There were a lot of cool pieces but I left empty handed again this year as I had a pretty small budget and didn't see anything I needed within it. When I go to any sort of antique/vintage event I'm always looking for things that are unique and hard to find at Thrift stores, estate sales, flea markets and/or really cheap vintage stores, so I sometimes come away empty handed if I don't see anything amazing that I can afford. It's still fun to browse though and you never know what you'll find. So here are a few of the cool things I saw while walking around the bonanza.

 I'm really into these old organizational and industrial pieces but the majority of them were out of my price range. 

  It's this guy cute? I have no idea where I'd put him but I like him/her.

This vintage kids ride was really cool. I think It was for sale but I have neither the money nor the space for it. 

Cute yellow chair.

This booth had a lot of cool mid century modern pieces. 

This cute lamp for example. 

My favorite from this booth though was this mod/ MCM birdcage. I've never seen one before and I kind of love it.  I Kind of regret not going back for that one. 

Burnt out (I think) Light bulbs! these were super cool and I'm sure some crafty person could make something awesome out of them. 

This booth had some cool Mid Century Modern lamps. These were nice, but i'm at a point where an atomic lamp has to be "can't live without it" cool for me to pick it up. These I could live without. 

        This vintage horse head mount thing was pretty cool. It would be pretty awesome in a kids room.

                                                  Skeleton keys are just the coolest

     Cool vintage daybed 

I actually really liked this picture and it was only like $22.00 but I didn't end up coming back for it. 

Pretty sure this lamp is made of an old plant stand and a vintage industrial mixer blade, kind of awesome.

Cool Tripod floor lamp 

How cool is this huge radiator cover? 


Santa and his roller set beard. 

More cool industrial pieces. 

50's Doctors Cabinet. 

Giant Diaper Safety Pins. 

This beer sign was pretty cool but I see them a fair amount at Estate Sales so I passed.

I love a good vanity and am currently obsessed with a few Mid Century ones I've seen on the interwebs. This one was really cute but I'm not big on painted wood and it's not the vanity of my dreams. I do though love the Mongolian lamb fur they upholstered the seat in. I'm semi-obsessed with some pillows from West Elm made of the same material, but they're so expensive!

As and avid thrifter I thought this booth was a bit silly. Any thrifter worth their weight knows you can find silver pieces like this for (i'm assuming) much lower prices at literally any thrift store. I was pretty much just baffled at this booth. 

An assortment of cool rotary phones. Back when I was a kid we had a few of these and they always made you feel very fancy, like the number you were calling should be more important because of the dramatic way you dialed. But nowadays these phones would just be catching dust in my house. The only vintage phone I think I'd buy aside from an Ericofone (like the one Roger Sterling had on Mad Men) would be one of those clear plastic 80's/90's phones. I was obsessed with those and never had one. Someone needs to make a phone cover for cell phones like that, I'd buy it in a minute. 

Pretty Lampshade. 

Cool vintage Christmas set up and awesome car grille. 

I really loved the lamps in this booth but they were way beyond my price range, very cool though. 

The people at this booth made this old stove into a kitchen island. Isn't that the coolest idea ever? The great thing about Junk Bonanza is even if you leave empty handed you get to see a ton of cool DIY's. 

Can you spot the sneak peak of my Junk Bonanza OOTD?

These display cabinets were pretty amazing and reasonably priced, but they were still outside of my price zone. I'm also looking for more closed storage pieces as opposed to these lovely display pieces. That said if I had the money I'd totally have gotten them. 

Isn't this the cutest bookshelf? It would look awesome in a kids room. The good news is it's a totally do-able DIY piece if you really like it. 

These hands were pretty cool but I have no need for them. They could make really cool Halloween decorations though. 

That's it for this year's Junk Bonanza, even though I walked away empty handed I saw a lot of cool stuff and will definitely be back next year if I can. 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Dem Booties tho

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It may come as no surprise that this fall I'm still head over heels for the 70's trend. And thusly have a serious craving to cover those heels in a fine pair of booties.  I do have a pair of black fringe booties I got from Target a few years ago that I am still very much in love with. They are part of the reason I'm so into this trend, they're very cute but also super easy to walk in. As a non-heel wearer, for the most part, that's key to me actually wearing a heeled shoe.  Since I already have a lovely black pair, this season I'm looking for the perfect camel bootie with a stacked wood heel. This would seem easy as booties are everywhere this season, but many of the booties I've found I like are pretty pricey. So I'm searching the thrifts hoping to get lucky and if all else fails waiting for a good coupon code to snatch  up a pair.