Thursday, January 31, 2013

Warm and Cozy

Sweater and Denim top : Thrifted  Jeans: Old Navy  Boots: Gifted  Necklace: Bauble Bar

        Sorry for the lack of outfit posts lately. It's been pretty freezing out lately and for the most part when I go out I've been reaching for essentially the same outfit every time. Anyway I went out to dinner the other day and decided I should probably wear something else, so I put this together. I was cold that day so I wanted something warm and had been looking through a J.Crew look book earlier that day, this outfit is the result. J.Crew is always good at layering and mixing and matching, they're generally a little preppier than I like to go but I still find inspiration in the ways they put outfits together. This outfit is also a little preppier than I would usually go but overall I like it. The necklace I got as a Christmas present to myself. I like it but with the curlycue on the end I think it look more like Zorak than Zorah, but I digress. Either way I can't return it and I like it enough to still wear it.  I'll try and post more in February, hopefully the temps will be warmer and I'll try and put together more interesting "blog worthy" outfits when I go out.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thrifts of Horror

Wow it's been awhile since I've done  a Thrifts of Horror post. Since the holidays are over my work has calmed down and I've had a little more time on my hands. So I've been doing more thrifting and whilst thrifting I came upon this beauty. I think the most offensive thing is they wanted $30.00 for this... lovely lamp. Well I guess it would be a good conversation piece. Anyway enjoy the first Thrifts of Horror for 2013.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things (this week)

Sorry for the lack of posts. I do actually have more time nowadays but besides ungodly frigid temps and work I just haven't had much outfit inspiration lately. I'll work on getting out of my fashion funk, but until then here are a few images that have tickled my fancy recently.

1. Patterned Pants. I have a pair of herringbone pants that I bought in september and have never worn. But this picture has totally inspired me to dust them off and wear them, look out for a similar outfit in an upcoming post.

image via The locals
2. Bomber jacket inspiration. While digging through my closet looking for new year's eve outfit inspiration I came across a vintage bomber jacket I stole from my mother and promptly forgot. That jacket gave me all kinds of outfit inspiration that, unforunately, will have to wait for the spring. For now here are some ways I plan to rock the jacket in the warmer months.

via EmilyAfrica

Nany via Nanysklozet

3. Heather and Dave's Eclectic Enclave. Although I love looking through all the house tours on Apartment Therapy most of them really aren't my taste or I just like bits and bobs of them. But Heather and Dave's eclectic enclave had me drooling with every click of my mouse. I mean It's gorgeous, I want to steal all of their decorating ideas. Some of my favorites from their home tour are below, but you should obviously go to the article and see all of the decorating goodness that is their home.

I'm obsessed with this wallpaper. One day it or something like it will be a part of my home decor.

Coolest half bath EVER!!! I love the wall covering in the bathroom.
 *All images via Apartment Therapy *

4. Emily's Couch.  I've loved Emily Henderson since she won Design Star season 5. But, it wasn't until recently that I became obsessed with her blog. While going through her blog I found something that looked very familiar. I'm pretty sure Emily and I have the same couch, though her's is reupholstered and probably in better condition, but she paid $900.00 and mine was a whapping $30.00. Anyway her living room as a whole is pretty awesome and it's always fun to see your couch, especially in a designer's home.

image via Style by Emily Henderson
5. Give me a Hand Chair. I really really want a 70's hand chair, seriously guys. I love the kitsch and those hand chairs are just everything to me. I know I could probably get one at a cheap/tacky furniture store but I'm thinking I'll come across one when the time is right. Until then I'm just kind of obsessed with pictures like these:

image via google

image via Style by Emily Henderson

6. Adventure time, yo.

image via pinterest

7. Golden Globes Faves.  I don't usually do awards show roundups and I don't know if I ever really will, but there were some truly gorgeous gowns at the golden globes. so here are my faves.

I know some people hated this dress but I'm obsessed with it, it was my favorite of the night.
This dress was a close second for my favorite of the night.

J.Lo looked good but this is just standard JLo fare in my opinion. Pretty but kinda boring.

  *all images via google*

8. Girls. I hated on Girls all last year, refusing to watch the show. A show that showcased my own underemployment just seemed less escapist and more a reminder of my less than stellar employment status. But a year later with so much Girls talk and season 2 looming I figured I'd bite the bullet and watch the first season on HBO go. OK I have to admit I actually like the show. It can be a little irritating, but I have to admit I'm kind of a fan now.

9.  Lady Mary Marries.  I'm know I'm not the only one glad lady Mary and Matthew finally married. If Downton had tried to drag that relationship out anymore I might of had to cut a bitch.

image via google
10. Cat Friend/ Dog Friend. Ok so this video is kind of old but it's just too funny not to post. My cat diamond is almost exactly like cat friend and it kills me every time. My favorite part is when cat friend give that guy the finger, my cat would totally do that if she were human.

Friday, January 11, 2013

New Year's Eve: Happy 2013!!

Outfit without the cardi, notice the dancing glasses.

  Cardigan: Vintage  Shirt: forever 21  Skirt: ASOS  Tights: Target  Boots: Payless  

         Sorry this post is so late, a bug is going around my workplace and I started getting sick Dec 30 and my cold only worsened until recently. So, I figured i'd spare you photos of me looking like a chapped nosed zombie. Aren't colds fun? Anyway despite feeling a little under the weather on NYE I still went out dancing. The only thing I knew I wanted to wear for NYE was my leather skirt, so I spent a good amount of time in december trying to drum up cute tops to go with the skirt. It wasn't until Dec 30 that I finally figured out what to wear. I had been to a couple stores but found nothing, so I dug though my wardrobe and found this killer cardigan that I hadn't worn since prom. I love it but it's a little over the top, perfect for NYE! It's a little warm, as it's cashmere, so I knew I wanted to pair it with a light weight top as i'd probably end up taking it off during the night.  The shirt is from forever 21 and is one i'd been stocking for awhile. It's sparkly and sheer and something I would actually wear post new years eve.
        I have to say i'm pretty into this outfit.  I would have worn heels but I wanted to dance, was sick, and am not a big heel wearer. So I opted for these boots instead, I think they work pretty well. Anyway this is how I rung in the New Year before my illness took over and I was carrying around a box of tissues and drinking copious ammounts of liquids. Happy 2013 everyone!