Monday, January 26, 2015

Vintage Christmas Gifts / Thrift Haul

I haven't really been thrifting much lately. Christmas always burns me out a little and thrifting (and shopping in general) tend to fall to the wayside as a result. But I did find some cool vintage items before Christmas, received some as Christmas gifts, and found a bunch of cool stuff at the MLK thrift sales. After the MLK sales I figured I finally had enough to do a little thrift haul. So here are my little haul of thrift finds and vintage gifts from the last few months.

1. Vintage chalkware figures

My mom gave these to me for Christmas. I have a similar pair that are "bookends" but one was
decapitated while hanging out on a shelf, so It was nice to get a new and very cool pair.  I'm especially in love the detail on the sleeves of these guys, so pretty.

 2. Italian made Vintage ashtray

No I'm not a smoker, I'm actually asthmatic so I can't even really have people smoke around me, but I do like a cool vintage ashtray for decorative purposes.  This one I again got for Christmas from my momma and it's pretty cool, I love the gold marble-ish pattern.

3. Lane Dining Room chair

I randomly came upon this at the thrift store one Sunday and it was $3.00 so I kind of had to get it. My cat Tang is very fond of it and it's got great lines so I think it's a win. I eventually want to change the seat upholstery but I gotta find some nice fabric first.

4. Vintage Brooches

         a. Vintage Flapper Brooch

 b. Floral Brooch

These are more Christmas presents from my mom. I've always admired brooches and thought I should buy some, but they're one of those things I can easily talk myself out of and thus never buy. So I was excited to get some from my mom. I really love the 1920's/30's flapper one, isn't it cool? The flower one is pretty as well and kind of reminds me of munchkin land from the Wizard of Oz.

 5. Nefertiti Bust

This is another Christmas present. I love this bust but it's had a hard life. When you see it up close you notice that poor Nefertiti's head was definitely glued back on after what I can imagine was a terrible tumble.  I was thinking of maybe spray painting it to hide the "work" it's had done but I really like the green color so I'm still on the fence.

6. Jewelry
   A.  Small faux diamond earrings

 B. Gold Hoops

C. metallic block necklace

 D. Skull Bracelet

 E. Metallic stud earrings

 F.  Geode necklace

I got these all on MLK sale day at some of the thrifts. I sort of stumbled into the jewelry section at one of the thrift stores I visited and found a ton of great stuff. My favorite piece is the skull bracelet, but the geode necklace was also another great find. I've been lusting after similar pieces on sites like Shop dixi for awhile now but never got around to ordering one. So I was super happy to find this one, even though I may still buy some stuff from the site. I've been needing to accessorize more and now I've got some great motivation to get accessorizing!

7.  Vintage Aries Mug

I'm not an Aries but this mug was too cute to pass up. I figure I can start looking for the others in the thrifts and eventually get to my sign as well as the other signs of the zodiac. As you can see it's a bit cracked but I got it for .40 so I couldn't really complain.

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Friday, January 2, 2015


2014 was a decent year for me but definitely not my best.  While some things continued to be awesome last year the thing I wanted to change the most  didn't end up working out in my favor. But I'm thinking 2015 will be my year, I have this weird thing about odd numbered years being some of my best and I think I've got some good momentum going into this new year. That also means I want to start blogging again! sorry that sort of fell off... But I figured what better time to get back into the blogging spirit than a new year. Unfortunately I didn't really wear anything interesting on New Years Eve, but I wanted to check in anyway and promise more blog posts this year. Hope you all had a great New Years Eve and have an amazing 2015!