Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Minnie Mouse NOT Mickey!

Dress: Thrifted  Ears & Gloves: Spirit  Tights & Belt: Target  Socks: Walmart  Shoes: Mom's from estate sale  Bow: old shirt 

           I've always loved Halloween, it's my mom's favorite holiday so it was always a big deal around my house as a kid. I always had a costume and some of my past favorites include: the yellow power ranger, princess Jazmin, a hippie, a witch, a genie and Velma from Scooby Doo. This year I was thinking of being a 70's disco diva but since I didn't want to rack up debt for a costume I decided to go with a costume I could build a little more economically. I got this dress at the thrift sore earlier this year and really like it. It's handmade and I feel a little Minnie mouse every time I wear it, so I decided to go one step further and actually be Minnie mouse. I only had to buy ears, gloves and socks. Ironically I went to work Saturday and the "real" Minnie mouse was there posing with kids, it was fate. I had to work so I didn't meet Minnie but it was funny to see her. I'm not much into the "sexy" Halloween costumes I can see it if you're costume is Bettie Boop or a prostitute but sexy nemo, really? I just want to know who said "jee i'd really like to be sexy nemo but there's no costume!" I don't have anything against people that are into the sexy thing It's just not me. Anyway, I didn't really do anything for Halloween I handed out candy and watched Paranormal Activity (the first one). I didn't find Paranormal Activity very scary and thought the ending was totally just, I got distracted from the bumps in the night by the boyfriends doucheyness.
           Anyway I did end up getting a job, it's a seasonal job at the mall, but it could turn into a longer term job and I'm just happy to be making some money even though I may be re-unemployed in mid January. Anyway I have been wearing some cute things but haven't gotten around to posting them. I'll also make a post about some new things I'll be buying now that I'm making some money. Anyway hope you had a fabulous Halloween! And, if you celebrate, have a great Día de los Muertos/ All Saints day!