Wednesday, October 28, 2015

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is Saturday! Can you believe that? If the holiday snuck up on you like it did me and  your still scrambling to find the perfect costume here are few DIY costume ideas you can put together fairly easily and inexpensively. 

1. Beanie Baby

If you're a 90's kid like I was a 90's kid you may or may not have 63 or more of these bad boys collecting dust in your parents basement. The first thing you'll need to do is DIY a quick TY tag. A good sized piece of cardboard and some paint (or glue and construction paper) plus a ribbon or string to tie around your neck should do the trick. There are two ways to go about the costume portion. 1. You could buy a cute animal onesie add your TY tag and bam! you're done. Or  2. you can get the basics of an animal costume, for instance wear a black top/ pant ( or a good jumpsuit) and a pair of animal ears then add the diy TY tag around your neck and you've got the perfect 90's throwback costume.  Since most people have some been some sort of animal for Halloween at least once (or know someone who has) the basic elements of this costume are pretty simple and you may already have some of pieces at home. You can make this costume as "sexy" as you want with whatever you choose to be your main piece of clothing. If you want to  make it scary/ morbid you could be a zombie/ vampire/ pet eaten beanie baby to add a little more personal flare.

2.  Orphan Black Clone

orphan black clone costume

If you don't watch Orphan Black you totally should, but to put it very simply it's a show about clones. It follows four main clones Sarah who's kind of punk, Alison who's preppy, Cosima kind of alternative and Helena ... well she's just kinda crazy. All of the various clones have super easy DIY costumes, especially Alison and Sarah, and all of these pieces could be found in your wardrobe or a good thrift store.

3. Cookie Lyon

Cookie Lyon Costume

Cookie Lyon Costume by cleopatrajonez featuring chain jewelry

I think one of the hottest costumes this year will be Mrs. Cookie Lyon. Her outrageous style is so fun and easily copied that I wouldn't be surprised if come the 31st Cookie Sightings are everywhere. This costume is super easy to assemble Cookie never met an animal print or fur she didn't like. If you have any of those in your closet you're already ahead.  Leopard is probably her most iconic print so bonus points for any leopard pieces. Otherwise a nice bodycon dress, heels, a faux fur jacket (the tackier the better)  and some gold accessories will also give you serious Cookie. 

4. Minion

minion costume

Minions are a big costume for kids this year but it's also a super easy costume for adults. All you need are overalls, a yellow shirt, black gloves, black shoes and of course minion goggles (which you should be able to find pretty easily or make yourself). You can go traditional overalls or an overall dress if you want to be a little more feminine. Either way this is an easy costume thats super easy and recognizable so you probably won't have to explain your costume all night.

Anyway  if you need any more inspiration you can check out my old Halloween costume posts featuring:  Mad Men inspired looks , Minnie Mouse, and 70's mob wife/ Rhoda. If you still can't think of anything youtube and blogs are full of ideas. Another quick a dirty tip is to just take a trip to your local thrift store, you're bound to find a piece that will inspire a great costume.