Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Palm Canyon Collection by Warby Parker

If you're a four eyes like myself you've probably heard of Warby Parker, an eye wear company committed to creating cool frames at affordable prices. They also partner with non-profits to make sure that for every frame sold a pair is donated to a person in need, win/win right?  Today Warby Parker lunched their Palm Canyon Collection which melds the palette of that mid century desert oasis Palm Springs with patterns inspired by Color Field painters and cool mid century minimalism.

 Palm springs you say? Mid century minimalism you say? of course I was all ears (eyes?). This  collection is of particular interest to me as I'm in need of some new frames, mine are literally falling off my face. But you don't need to be visually impaired to enjoy these fabulous frames, all of them are also available as sunglasses.

All the frames are very cool but my favorites would probably be the Duckworth in Painted Desert and the Preston in Red Canyon for everyday frames.

Duckworth in Painted Desert:

 Preston in Red Canyon

I also love the Wheeler Frames in Revolver Black and Windswept tortoise for sunglasses.

 All the frames in the Palm Canyon Collection are available, along with a multitude of other retro chic frames,  at Warby Parker.

Duckworth in Painted Desert
Winston in Cognac Tortoise

Wheeler in Revolver Black and Windswept Tortoise

Preston in Red Canyon

Which Palm Canyon frames are your favorites?

*I was contacted by Warby Parker to help launch their Palm Canyon Collection. All the proceeding opinions are my own. All photos courtesy of Warby Parker.

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