Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Last Minute Halloween Costume Inspiration

I've been meaning to do some Halloween inspiration posts but i've been lazy... turns out October has been a far less productive month blog wise, apologies. Anyway I figured i'd do a little post on some last minute Halloween costume ideas.  I'm a big fan of the diy costume, most of my costumes from the past few years have been made up mostly of items already in my closet. So if you need a last minute costume you should definitely take inventory of your closet and see what you already own that you can fashion into something awesome. Anyway here are a few costume ideas to spark your imaginations.

1. Bee and Puppycat

bee and puppycat

Bee and Puppycat is an online cartoon that's pretty adorbs.  Bee's outfit is super cute and pretty easy to copy. The only thing that may be harder to find is a bee applique and a puppycat plush.

2. Mia Wallace

Mia wallace

I recently re-watched Pulp Fiction as my boyfriend had somehow managed to have never seen it. What?? I know. He's not a huge fan of Quinten Tarentino's liberal use of the N-word, which I get but still. Anyway while watching I was reminded how easy yet chic a Mia Wallace costume would be as you probably have most of the items already in your closet and all you really need to buy is a wig.

3.Totally 90's
90's Chic

Obvioulsy the 90's is a super wide category you could be a raver, spice girl, grunge, etc. Really it's all up to you and your inspiration.  Take out your overalls, Daisy print, slip dress, Sunflower print, Tommy Hilfiger, starter jackets etc and dress up like you did in the 90's (or would have).

4. The returned Amy Dunne from Gone Girl (spoilers)

gone girl

If you haven't seen Gone Girl go see it, it's crazy. Although maybe go with a friend it is definitely a weird date movie, trust me. Anyway If you haven't seen the movie or read the book avert your eyes! But if you have, returned Amy Dunne is kind of an amazing costume. All you need is a blonde bob wig, a box cutter, a pink satin nightie and a lot of fake blood. Then have you're friend/husband/boyfriend dress up as freaked out Nick Dunne (with little orange cat of course) and walk around like the fucked up couple you are. Or have him walk around with his neck split and he can be zombie Desi. Win/win either way.

5. Wrong Waldo

wrong waldo

Everyone's done a where's waldo costume at this point so bring a new twist to the costume be wrong Waldo. You know those people in red striped clothing that you spotted from afar but upon a closer look you notice it's a woman with a red skirt and blue top, or he's a redhead with red and white shirt and green pants. Wrong waldo doesn't wear the glasses maybe has the hat. This would probably be better if you had a friend going and Waldo but I think it would work either way. Or just go as waldo, whatever floats your boat.

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