Friday, September 26, 2014


I've seen a bunch of bloggers do these posts and always liked them but never actually tried them. So no time like the present right? If I can I may make this a recurring series on the dear old blog. I actually saw the skirt I'm wearing on ASOS before I ever saw the inspiration picture on pinterest and as soon as I saw It I knew I had to get it. All the stars seemed to aline in my favor as I got an ASOS voucher as a gift around the same time. I love the easy yet chic look in the inspiration look and decided to go for that this time around.  I switched out the turtle neck for my scoop neck crop top since i'm not a big fan of turtlenecks and I wore this outfit in the summer when turtlenecks were out of the question. I wore this skirt a bunch this summer although I'm not sure if I'll be transitioning this skirt to fall ( it's more of a spring/summer look to me), but we'll see maybe some fall/winter inspiration for this skirt will hit me.


My interpretation:

Top and Skirt: ASOS || Shoes: thrift

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