Friday, May 4, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things: Summer Hair

It's finally May and that means the unofficial start to summer (memorial day) is just around the corner and so is warm weather! Warm weather, aside from a bunch of wonderful things, can also mean humidity. If your hair is anything like mine, humidity means poofy frizzy hair. The threat of humidity, and a desire to change up my hairstyle more, has lead me to compile some cute summer hairdo's that will definitely be in my hairstyle rotation as the temperatures rise. Here are my favorites so far:

 1. This awesome two minute beehive by the lovely Tavi.

2.  These Summer Twists from the ladies of A Beautiful Mess

Image via A Beautiful Mess

3.This Braided 'do by Keiko Lynn.

Image Via Keiko Lynn

 4. And of course the retro updo via Around the Way Curls.


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