Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 9: To the beach


Dress, leggings and Belt: Target   Shoes:DSW  Cardigan: Vintage

      OK so I have to admit i've been stalling on this one for awhile. Partly because I don't go the beach much and partly because it's Fall and dressing like i'm going to the beach sounds cold. So this outfit is more what i'd wear to the beach today, October 1, 2011. I'm also cheating a little since technically this is a dress and not a skirt. But, it's dress that's made to look like a skirt, I have a belt and cardigan on so it looks more like seperates and finally if I was going to the beach i'd probably wear a dress anyway so I would only have to deal with one item.
         I wore this dress to go check out an antique/vintage sale in north Minneapolis. The sale was cool, there were some pretty cool items and good prices but nothing, that I could afford, really grabbed me. There were these cool mid century 60's lamps that I really liked but they were $145.00 and though worth it a little too expensive for me. I took these pictures in my backyard in an attempt at getting better quality photos and better light. For some reason all the ones I liked are a little silly and all are at various locations in an attempt to find the best place with the best sun. I'll probably try and take more photos outside, weather permitting, since you can't beat that natural light.
           Anyway I got this dress two years ago at target after deciding I needed more dresses in my life. I'm pretty on the fence about the dress that looks like a skirt and top thing though. I like this dress but I think a lot of this style of dresses can look kind of cheap. I don't like the look of the elastic band so I always try to dress it up with a more interesting belt and generally when I look at these dresses I like the bottom more than the top and would rather they had just made the skirt. I suppose I could cut off the top but it just seems like such a waste. I do though like both the top and bottom to this dress. The top is a nice coral color and the fabric of the skirt reminds me of a dress I had in the 90's. The cropped camel cardigan is 100% cashmere and vintage. I'm totally in love with this cardigan. Not only is it extremely warm it's neutral so I can, and do , wear it with everything. Prepare to see this piece a lot because I like to add it to a lot of outfits in the Fall/winter months.
          So I still don't know what I'm gonna do for the last part of the skirt challenge but I'm gonna do some googling and hopefully have the final skirt challenge outfit for you tomorrow.

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