Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 2: Wear a buttoned down tucked in

Top: borrowed from mom  Skirt: thrift (originally target)  Belt and shoes : Target

This outfit was actually the first one I wore for the skirt challenge. I wore it way back on July 14th, right before anything other than short sleeves meant risking heat exahustion and walking around in mixture of sweat and BO. I don't really like the outfit, I was thinking of wearing the button down with a different skirt but my mood ultimately dictated this one. That day wasn't a great one for me, I found out I didn't get an interview for a job I had gotten semi-excited about. So my mood immediately dropped and I felt I should pick a skirt that mirrored my mood, so I went with this one. I go the skirt at a thrift store a year or so ago, I thought it looked ok, was drawn to it because i'm trying to expand my skirt/dresses collection and it was a 50% off sale day. The skirt is a bit big on me but it's a really nice piece to throw on and look semi-put together. The skirt's at least two sizes too big but it's super comfortable and I like it enough to wear occasionally. The button down is one I stole from my mom and is also a bit too big for me but it works alright. I think the outfit turned out a bit too conservatively for me, it's kinda dull and I felt like something I should wear to work or something. I think more color or a differnt top is needed to really make this skirt more to my liking. I'll definitely be re-mixing the skirt in the future until I find a way to style it that's to my liking.

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