Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 1: Your skirt your way

So as promised I'm finally getting to the skirt challenge! I actually started last Thursday but I did the 2nd day instead of day 1 because I don't own any button ups that have shorter than a 3/4 length sleeve and a lovely heat wave was scheduled to hit the following day. I did take pictures and will post them tomorrow or sometime this weekend. Anyway the heatwave came right on schedule and though we here in the Midwest, or at least in Minnesota, are slowly cooling down last Friday to about Wednesday the heat was kind of awful. I went out Sunday and the temperature felt like it was somewhere in the 100's. It rained on and off that day and it didn't cool down any, it just felt like you were taking a hot shower with all your clothes on. Needless to say I've been hanging out in the luxurious central air and avoiding the heat as much as possible. Today was actually a bit cooler at about 90 degrees but still kind of humid. I wore this to get some much needed groceries and hang out in my backyard. We are currently watching two adorable pups, Bobbi and Nikos, while their parents are on a little vacation. My mom volunteered for an organization that gives temporary housing to pets of deployed service men and women and that's how we met Bobbi and Nikos. They were with us for about a year and now we get to dog sit anytime there parents go on vacation. It's kinda nice since the last of our three dogs died in 2005 and though we love our cats it's always nice to be able to play with some cute pups now and again. Anyway one day while we were watching them and during an intense game of fetch Nikos decided to take a dip in the bird bath, awakening us to his desire to cool off during outdoor ball sessions. So a couple months ago when my mom's co-workers gave her a tropical themed 50th birthday bash and we became the proud owners of a ridiculously tiny kiddie pool, my mom had the brilliant idea of setting it up when Bobbi and Nikos visited next. Today we got to realize that dream as we set up the pool and after a few back and fourths with the ball Nikos eventually got hot and took a dip in the pool. Assorted cute evidence below.

Anyway you needed to know about Nikos and Bobbi because I took advantage of the situation to also take outfit pics.

pleas excuse the kinda weird picture of my feet and my mostly unpainted toenails. This was the only good picture I got of the shoes.
 Skirt: thrift  Shirt: Target (last year)  Shoes: vintage via my mom

I wouldn't say this is my favorite skirt as a favorite denotes having being worn more than once. I bought this skirt last year at my favorite thrift store and it has been in my closet ever since. Luckily this challenge came along and I was able to finally debut it. It's originally from forever 21 and kinda sorta fits me. In other words I believe you're supposed to wear it around your natural waist but I hike it up to pretty much right under my bust and it fits. lol. Anyway since  it sorta fit and I love the almost 50's vibe it has I figured I'd shell out the cash for it. The outfit as a whole probably could use a belt and next time I wear it I'll probably add one. The shirt is from target, I bought it last year in an attempt to grow my black clothes collection. I realized last year that I had absolutely no black shirts and needed to remedy this quickly. I am now the owner of two black shirts, progress. Anyway you can't see it but the shirt has gold stitching around the neckline and gold sequin-y accents on the shoulder which coincidentally go fantastically with the skirt! I think people are generally pulled towards certain colors and though black usually isn't the first color i gravitate towards teal/ turquoise is. Aside from this skirt and the shoes I'm wearing in this post I also have a turquoise purse, shorts and assorted other jewelry. Someday soon I'll do a few posts on colors I'm drawn too and the items I've accumulated in those colors. Finally the shoes are an amazing pair I recently re-discovered and stole from my mom. They're actually a bit big on me, I'm a 6.5 and they're a 7.5/8, but I made a few extra holes and now they fit pretty well. I had been eying this pair of turquoise sandals from Karmaloop obsessively, but unfortunately $50.00 plus shipping is a little out of my price range at the moment. So, I was ecstatic when I found these babies while looking for a ball to throw for Nikos. They're not the most supportive but aside from flip flops they're really the only sandals I have and they'll be in heavy rotation in my wardrobe from now until the end of summer. That's all for Day 1, I'll post Day 2 at some point this weekend. Until then have a great weekend!

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