Sunday, November 24, 2013

Halloween 2013: Rhoda Fabulous/ 70's mob wife / 70's fortune teller

Everything Thrifted

           So this post is oh say three weeks late, I've decided to blame daylight savings time and the lack of sun for this. As you can see I went with the "Rhoda Fabulous" look for the Halloween party. When it was all put together I think I looked more like a 70's mob wife or 70's fortune teller than Rhoda but I still really like it. The best thing about this costume is the only thing I bought specifically for it was the necklace, which I got at Savers. Everything else I had in my closet. When Halloween rolls around it really pays off to be an avid thrifter. Ever since I began really getting into thrifting I haven't really had to worry too much about Halloween costumes, I've always got something that I can fashion into a costume. The only downside of this costume was at the end of the night I realized the seams weren't the strongest. There was a little unraveling in the dress when I first got it but had plans to chop it up (make it into a maxi skirt) so it didn't bother me. I totally for got about the loose seams the night of the party and ended up with seam splits along the sleeves at the end of the night. I sewed them up just in case I decided to wear the costume again but I think I'll end up cutting the threads and going with my original plan to detach the skirt and make it into a maxi skirt. The top is ok but it's polyester and it's really hot. Not so much fun. Anyway I had a great time at the party and  I hope you all had a great Halloween!

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