Thursday, May 17, 2012

Orange-cha glad

Top: Thrifted  Skirt: Jason Wu for Target  Shoes: DSW

      I wore this outfit to go to a belated Mothers' Day celebration with my mom and grandparents. I like the simplicity of the outfit but I think it would look good with a few accessories too. In the Spring/Summer I have a harder time punching up outfits since layering is not really practical. So I'm gonna try and add more with accessories this season.
       Anyway although I have a few Target/Designer collaborations most are pieces I found while thrifting. I'm not really one to wake up early to get to the collaborations. All the crowds and frenzy just aren't very appealing to me. But this year when the Jason Wu collection came out I decided to give it a try since I had an old Target gift card from my birthday burning a hole in my pocket. I went in the afternoon the day the collection launched and there wasn't one piece of the collection left in stores. I suppose I should have gone earlier but I'm not a morning person and designer collections just aren't enough to get me up in the morning. So I gave up and figured I might be able to find some in a thrift store some time. Cut to a few weeks later when I had a fiery urge to shop and decided to go to Target, since I still had my gift card. To my surprise the Jason Wu collection had been re-stocked and there were still quite a few pieces available. I checked out a few and decided on this skirt. I really like the skirt it has a cute floral pattern and goes well with a variety of shirts. I'll definitely be remixing this skirt a lot this summer.

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