Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A sale-ing we shall go

          So a couple weeks ago after a disappointing trip to Austin, MN my mom and I drove to Mound, MN to check out an estate sale that we hoped would be more promising. I was swayed by two things: an awesome 60's floor lamp and these really cool cups in their own caddy. We went to the sale towards the end of the first day and surprisingly the lamp and cups were still there! The only downside to estate sales is that antique dealers often come out early on the first day and scoop up all the really cool items, fortunately that didn't happen at this sale. After a little back and forth we decided we'd go back the second (and final) day, when everything is 50% off, and try to get the stuff on sale. So we woke up relatively early Sunday morning, we rarely wake up early to go to sales, and went back. Everything was still there so we got the cups, a winter hat and the very cool 60's lamp as well as 4 or so bowls and a green bracelet. Everything totaled out to a whopping $40.00, a very successful estate sale day if I do say so myself. Anyway here's some pics of our recent finds:

My estate sale booty ( minus the lamp)  with a scarf I got at the Austin sale.

Awesome 60's cups are awesome

Seriously I love these cups

My hat it's very Mary Tyler Moore and I kind of love that about it.
Finally the 60's lamp that goes really well with the Green/gold motif in our living room.
Last weekend I went to the Junk Bonanza with my mom and will post about some stuff we got there soon as well.

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