Tuesday, July 26, 2016

What I didn't buy at the Thrift Store

I haven't found anything too crazy at the thrifts lately. But I figured I'd share a few of the things I've noticed but for one reason or another didn't buy. 

1. Silver and White Vase

 I thought this vase had a pretty cool look and love the texture on the silver part. But I didn't have a place for it at home.

2. Dooney and Burke Monogram Bag

This bag reminds me of hard of high school so hard, you know that time about 10 years ago (yeesh) when colorful monogram designer bags were all the rage. I carried it around thinking maybe it was worth something or my moms friend who re-sells things could re-sell it but I looked it up on the internets and it wasn't worth much, so I left it for someone who'd love it

3. Silver and Turquoise Plates

I'm not sure what you'd use these for maybe as a bowl to hold fruit or something? Anyway I love the kind of southwestern vibe of the plates and I thought they were pretty cool.

4. Green Chair

The Upholstery of the chair isn't great but I like the lines of it.

5. Clarinet

Aside from Pianos / Keyboards I haven't found any musical instruments at the thrifts. So when I randomly opened this case and found a clarinet I thought it was pretty cool. I don't play and don't know a thing about them so I left it.

6.  Lanvin Bow Flats

Yes you read that right I found a pair of legit Lanvin flats that fit me perfectly, but I left them behind. Why? Because they were $100.00. The day I went they did have 30% off clothes, shoes and Accessories but $70.00 was still too much. I looked it up and that is a really good deal on these shoes considering they retail for 500.00-750.00 online. I probably should have gotten them, but I'm trying to save money right now so I passed.

7.  Orange Guy Bowling Pin

This bowling pin was unique. I would never buy it but I thought it was kind of fun. 

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