Tuesday, April 21, 2015

One of my three shirts

Shirt / Jacket / Shoes: Thrift  Jeans: Old Navy

      Though I have plenty of spring/summer inspirations (see last post) the weather here has been predictably unpredictable. One day it's 85 degrees the next it's 35 with flurries, thus I haven't broken out the skirts and dresses quite yet. In Fact pretty much all winter and spring when I'm not at work I've been rotating the same three shirts pretty heavily, my boyfriend even commented on it which means it's pretty bad (lol).
      Call it laziness, call it normcore, I just can't be bothered too much with fashion right now. Not really sure why. I do have a lot of clothes but to be honest my shirts, even my work ones, have been pretty sad for awhile. Part of the reason is that I never shop for them. I haven't been thrifting much lately and when I do I always seem to have a short attention span. Since shirts are generally the largest section it's hard to force myself to go through them and pick out some good ones. Even when I buy new shirts are the last on my list. But that needs to change. I do actually need shirts now so I guess I'll suck it up and put them higher on my thrift list.

       Either way I do genuinely like the outfits I put together with my three shirts. I will be documenting them and posting for you to see. But be forewarned until the temps stay consistently warm, or I acquire more tops, you may be seeing a lot of outfits similar to the one above. Apologies. 

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