Monday, September 8, 2014

I bought a Vowl! (Thrift Haul)

1. Georges Briard coffee pot

I spotted this coffee pot at Arc's Value village and immediately picked it up. It's in the Ambrosia pattern which isn't the most sought after of Georges Briard's work but is still really cool. And the fact that it's not super expensive on the ebays means it's ripe for the picking. I've liked the kitschy pattern for awhile so I pretty much snatched it off the shelf when I saw it. Plus it looks good in my nice little collection of retro kitchenware. 

2. Framed Poster

I found this print at a thrift store in northern Minnesota. It was actually a pretty decent thirft store but the prices were a wee bit high. I liked this enough to get it though.

3. Mid Century Modern Shadowbox

it's hard to take pictures of these things when you haven't hung them up yet.  


After forcing my boyfriend to get up at 7 on Saturday to go to the flea market I then talked my mom into going too. I figured she'd be in into it a little more than my boyfriend. Anyway we got there at about 11 which was two hours later than the first time I went and though there were venders, there weren't nearly as many. We walked around a bit but nothing was killing us and none of the prices were great so we left. But, we did end up going to one of the antique stores on the hour long journey back home. One such establishment was an old antique store that now is mostly cast offs from remodeled homes, but had some cool old stuff too. Among a bunch of random stuff I found this cool shadow box. I've been looking for a nice shadowbox for awhile so when I saw this one I knew I had to get it.

4. Blendo Glassware Pink Cups

some blendo bowls (?) my mom thrifted a few years ago
 These blendo cups were again found at Arc's value village. My mom has an orange bowl and four small bowls in this same style (second picture) and I love the kitschy pattern so I had to get them.

5.The Letter "O"

I see letters at the thrift store a lot but they're mostly craft store ones for kids rooms, not really the kind of letters I'm looking for. So when I randomly saw this letter "O" at the thrift store for 4 bucks I kind of had to get it. I have a "Z" (although not a real cool one, it's hard to find "Z"'s ) so I figured I could add to my "Z" and have the first two letters of my name. I have a feeling the letter trend is kind of on it's way out, but I still like it so whatever.

6. Mid Century Lamp Shade

 I got this lampshade at the Salvation Army on labor day, it was like 2 bucks and I thought it would look good with the green lamp that I thrifted a few months ago. Of course now I need to buy a lamp kit and figure that whole thing out because the lamp base as is doesn't have the hardware to hold up a lampshade. Anyway I like the look of the lampshade it has kind of a ratan-ish outer shade and a smaller fiberglass inside shade. I can't yet tell if it's a perfect match for my green lamp but when I held it up to the lamp it looked good.

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  1. Nice! It's super easy to install a harp on your lamp so you can use that fab lamp shade.

    1. ooh good to know. I've never done it and was afraid it may be harder to install than it looks but it's good to know it isn't.

  2. That shadow box is gorgeuos! I thrifted your mom's Blendo bowl as a chip and dip. It was meant for eBay but I kept it so I could look at it all the time :)

    1. Can't blame you for that it is pretty to look at.

  3. That shawdowbox is pretty amazing. I have hundreds of different little trinkets I could shove in there. Pink Blendo glasses - superb!

    Thanks for linking up to Thriftasaurus this week!
    ♥ Sir Thrift-A-Lot

  4. You found awesome stuff! I love the coffee pot. Cool pattern. I would love it if you link up this post (or any other) at my new Vintage Bliss Tuesdays linky party. Thanks, Jo.

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