Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wedding Reception Style

Top & Skirt: Thrift  Tights: Target  Shoes: Urban Outfitters

          A former supervisor of mine got married a couple weeks ago  and a bunch of my co-workers and I were invited to the wedding/reception.  Even though I have a ton of clothes whenever I have some special event to go to I feel like I have nothing to wear and should buy something new. I felt like that for the wedding and almost bought a new dress, but decided last minute that I could probably put together a great outfit with pieces already in my wardrobe. And What do you know I did! I thrifted this skirt  a million years ago but have never worn it, mostly because it's a little dressy and I don't really go to many "dressy" events. So when I was going through my closet to find something I decided to dust it off and give it a fine debut. I had no idea what to wear with the skirt top wise, as many of the tops either didn't go with it or just didn't give off the vibe I was going for. So what's a girl to do? go to pinterest of course! after searching "tulle skirt outfit" in pinterest I came upon a bunch of outfits and saw one with a lace top and thought aww a lace top would be perfect I wish I ... Oh wait I totally have one! Thankfully the top and skirt turned out to be a match made in closet heaven. I got a few compliments on my "dress", so I think it was a success. And I was proud that I stuck to my guns and used things I already owned instead of buying something new.

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