Friday, November 29, 2013

Birthday Outfit #1

 Top: H&M  Skirt: ASOS Tights & Shoes: Target

            First of all I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, a good black Friday (if you're into that), and a Happy Hanukkah. Anyway my birthday was the 16th and due to a work meeting early in the morning the day after (boo hiss), my birthday kind of got extended into a birthday week. I figured since I've had a severe lack of posts lately that I'd extend all the outfits I wore on various birthday outings into a couple posts. But fret not dear readers! I do have other non-b-day related outfits to share as well. Anyway here's the first outfit I wore out to dinner the day before my birthday. I wore this skirt last year on my birthday and having worn it a few times since, I think this is the best i've styled it so far. Even though it's black on black the different textures save it from being boring. That said I don't nearly ware this skirt enough and am dedicated to putting it in heavier rotation in my wardrobe.  I got the coat free from a clothing swap years ago and it's my favorite dressed up coat. Although I have yet to watch a single episode of Scandal (it's on my Netflix to do list) I am aware that thanks to Ms. Olivia Pope statement coats are having a serious moment right now. I think my coat kind of fits in that category, It makes my outfit look so put together and professional I kinda love it.

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