Friday, July 12, 2013

Fourth O' July style


Top: target skirt: ASOS shoes: DV by dolce vita 

        This Fourth of July I was grateful for many things, but mostly that I didn't feel like death. The day before I felt awful so it was soo nice to just be able to be out and about like a normal person. Anyway I worked for most of the fourth and didn't really have concrete plans until after work at about 7pm.  My friend that I usually go see fireworks with was busy working so I went with a good friend from work. Luckily my friend lives really close to the (Mississippi) river, which is one of the places that has fireworks in/ around Minneapolis. So I parked at her house and we walked to the river. We watched fireworks from the stone arch bridge and then has some delicious food truck food. The weather was amazing  and it was a really fun night. 
        On to the outfit! I had a couple outfits in mind for this festive occasion but decided to go with this one after figuring out where I was going. Last year I went all red, white and blue and felt a little hokey. You can do patriotic really well and cool or you can do it badly and look like an elementary school teacher rocking a Fourth of July themed sweater vest. I had a tamed down outfit picked out that still had red, white, and blue but decided I just wasn't in the mood for it. So I went with this asos skirt I recently purchased and a simple white scoop neck top. I like the outfit although in hindsight white wasn't the best color for my food truck excursion. It could use a little more something but it was pretty hot out and it was a nice easy breezy outfit for the fourth.


  1. I think this is a perfect outfit for the 4th - I love the floral skirt! And we sure did have the best weather ever for the 4th this year!