Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hmong Freedom Celebration 2013

          Last Saturday I went with a good friend from work to the Hmong Freedom Celebration. It's an annual event held in Como Park in St. Paul. The main draw is a big Soccer tournament that they hold, but they also have a beauty and talent competitions as well as food and vendors selling all sorts of goodies. The parking was crazy, we ended up parking in the Como Zoo overflow lot and taking a shuttle to the zoo then walking to the festival. Anyway it was really fun, we didn't really get to watch any of the soccer, as my friend had to work later that day. But we walked around ate and had a good time. We even went to the Zoo afterward for a while, which made us feel better about parking in the Zoo lot.




 We Also went to the Como Zoo:


This guy was laying on his back chillin' by a view window. It was so cute.

Now onto the Outift:


Dress &Shoes: Thrift Sunnies: ASOS Belt: Target
         We've been having increadibly hot weather here in Minnesota lately, like 90 degrees hot and humid,  and saturday was no exception. I knew I wanted to wear something that would breathe and be comfortable in the crazy hot weather. When thinking about it I remembered this embroidered dress I thrifted years ago and still hadn't worn.  I was kind of obsessed with this style of dress for months in 2010 and it wasn't until November when I was combing the racks of post-halloween vintage markdowns at Value Village and I found it. It was a come to mama moment. It used to be a bit longer, like past my knees long, so I shortened it. I think I did a pretty good job. Anyway I really like this outfit and will definitely be wearing this dress more often.


  1. Looks like fun, I miss going to festivals like this. And is that...a neon green monkey?! What kind of creation is this?!

    1. It's an Alien Monkey! no It's a regular white monkey, I guess they had some green lighting in there that I didn't notice until I took the picture and the monkey was green. The green is working for him though.