Monday, July 15, 2013

Mississippi Road Trip: Springfield

         When my mom and I visited Taliesin last year the tour guide recommended we visit the Dana-Thompson house in Springfield, Illinois. That apparently planted a seed in my mom's head and this year for her birthday she wanted to go on a road-trip to see the house. We ended up also going to Memphis (my idea) and St. Louis (as it's only an hour away from Springfield). Springfield, honestly, isn't the most exciting place to visit but it does have a lot of historical things to see. Aside for the Dana-Thomas house it is also the capital of Illinois and the place Abraham Lincoln called home for most of his adult life, before he became President. Here's a little taste of Springfield (photo HEAVY post) :

The Dana-Thomas House. 
           Like most Frank Lloyd Wright houses I wasn't able to take pictures inside the house, but you can just tell from the outside how spectacular it is. Ms. Dana was a Springfield socialite who inherited a ton of money from her dad and built a house to entertain in on the lot of her dad's former home. Frank Lloyd Wright was notorious for going over budget so the Dana-Thomas house is a marvel to see because he was pretty much given carte blanche, which means it's a must-see for Frank Lloyd Wright fans.

Lincoln's Tomb:

You're supposed to rub Lincoln's nose for good luck, that's why he loos like he caught king mitdas' cold.

Lincoln Home:

yes that's a three seat-er outhouse. The Lincolns were living big.

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  1. Have never heard of Frank Lloyd Wright, but that is one SPECTACULAR house. Its a real beauty. Would love to see the interior.