Friday, September 21, 2012

Double the Pleasure, Double the fun

Top: Macy's Skirt: Thrift Shoes:Gifted

          It's confession time ya'll, I totally wore this outfit twice... in a row. I first wore it last Friday when I got home to my mom making dinner reservations at a yummy (but expensive) local restaurant called Piccolo. We had to go quickly so I threw on this outfit, one I've been waiting since spring for it to be cold enough for me to wear, and left. When I put it on I thought "oh I should have worn something else and wear this to the Junk Bonanza" but I was in a hurry so I left. At the end of the night I decided what the hell I can still wear it tomorrow! I only wore it for a few hours Friday and my mom would be the only one who knew I wore it the day before, so what the hell. Honestly I'm  a serial outfit repeater. Once I think up an outfit I love I want to wear it all the time, I don't but I want to. This tendency,though, t has decreased with the blog since when  I go out or dress up I try to always come up with a "new" outfit to post. Usually I don't wear them on consecutive days but, you know, life happens n' such. 
           Anyway I really like this outfit. I got this shirt three years ago for 10 bucks at Macy's. I love this shirt and the color, but I never had any good bottoms to pair with it. Thankfully this year I have a bunch, so you'll probably be seeing this shirt a lot more. The skirt and shoes you've seen before but are old favorites.  I really like this outfit and had a great time both of the times I wore it, so I think that's a win. right? Do you repeat outfits? back to back?

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