Thursday, June 7, 2012

What I left behind

 1. This Egyptian style Plate Thing. I like Egyptian stuff but didn't love this, so I passed.

2. Reproduction Sugar Smacks Poster. It was cool but not cool enough for me to get it.

3. This Pyrex Casserole. I just wasn't really taken with this pattern.

4. N'Sync Bobble Heads. If you've been waiting for an N'sync reunion wait no more! All of the gang was back together at the Bloomington Savers, and they're all very agreeable. I was never really into boy bands in my youth but this gave me a tinge of nostalgia, especially since I recently found a school picture of my friend from middle school on the back of which she told me to "stay N'sync," yeah she was a big fan.

What happened to Chris's braids. I think these are from the "No strings attached" period.

5. These Weird Acorn/Nest Plates. I probably would never buy these but I thought they were kinda cool.

6. This Weird Fabric Apple Art. I'm not sure why it was ever made but it amused me greatly.

7. Mid Century Dresser. This dresser had a few scratches here and there but was in pretty good condition. It was only $25.00, a total steal, but I need another dresser like I need another toe. Plus, I saw this a week or so after getting my brasilia dresser and the memory of what a pain that was to move was still fresh in my mind.

8. Copco Pans. these were cool and I like the color but I don't really need them, they weren't cheap enough for me to do an impulse buy and I really don't have a lot of room for retro cookware I'm not 100% in love with. 

9. Tiki Style Figurines. These were cool and tiki-ish but I didn't really know what they were and passed. Later I was looking up tiki stuff and found out they're shot glasses, I should have gotten them. Oh well maybe next time.

10. Random Art. Ever wanted quail art made out of what looks like bird seed? yeah me neither but it was kind of cool. The flowers to the right of it were cool too but not enough for me to take them home.

11. Bird Embroidery. I liked this but when I turned it over it had been hastily taped to the frame so I passed.

12. Building Wall Art. I have no idea what these are but they were interesting enough to catch my eye. I'd be interested in seeing how someone decorates with them.

13. Bonzai-ish Tree Embroidery. I was actually going to get these but went to another section and then forgot about them and left. I still think they're pretty cool.

14. Fish-lo-K-Tor. Can't find fish? Well do I have the product for you!! I'm not really sure how it works and I don't fish, but it was kind of fun and random to see at the thrift store.

15. These Cool Retro Lamps. I liked these but I don't really have a lot of room for lamps that I don't absolutely love.

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