Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shop Your Home

        Shop your home is a phrase I first heard on the Nate Berkus show a few year ago. It refers to changing up your interiors by moving furniture and home decor items from their current locations to different areas of your home. It also refers to re-discovering things packed away in basements and storage. I've done this a few time in my house. I found a few bedside tables to put in my room a few years ago and dug up some of my mom's vintage clothes. Anyway, we recently had another shop your home moment when my mom brought up the above planter from the basement.

 After my our mini road trip to Red Wing Sunday my mom dug up this little gem. A few weeks ago we went to an estate sale that had this planter (though a bit bigger) as a lamp. While at the estate sale my mom exclaimed she had a very similar planter at home. We didn't end up getting the lamp. They wanted around $250.00 for it and that's just out of my price range. So, the next day I tried to find it but had no luck.  Thus, I was super happy when my mom brought it up from the basement Sunday. I'm kind of obsessed with it. I just have to figure out where to put it!

Tang also likes the planter.

Have you ever shopped your home? What did you find?

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