Wednesday, March 21, 2012

EPIC Thrift Haul!!

So I had kind of an epic thrifting day last Thursday. Even though the Savers I visited has been open since like October I hadn't visited until last Thursday. It wasn't for a lack of want, just that it's a bit far away from my usual thrift haunts and my house. Anyway after reading positive reviews on yelp I knew I had to go and give it a shot. Since both my mom and I were off last Thursday it seemed the perfect day to check it out. I wasn't really expecting to find anything and spent most of my time looking through the clothes. Towards the end of my visit I was browsing quickly through housewares to see if there were any cool Pyrex dishes or something and there they were, two Cathrineholm pots! I had seen the pattern before, most recently on Rachel from Smile and Wave's post about her thrifting trip to the Ozarks,  and knew they were cool and vintage. So I giddily took the biggest one and rushed to my mom to show her my bounty. Surprisingly she had no idea about Cathrineholm enamel ware, but I knew I was going to get it so I made her guard it while I tried on the small pile of clothes I was hanging onto. Later that night I went on ebay to look up the dish and found it selling online for $50-75.00, I paid $8.00. I had no idea they were so expensive. Immediately I lamented leaving the other pot. Sometimes I think too practically, " I don't really need two" etc.  I knew I had to go back Friday and see if the smaller pot was still there, and it was! Anyway it was a pretty epic find in my book and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna start collecting Cathrineholm from now on. I've seen a ton of cool ways people decorate with them on pinterest and I'm sold.

Anyway aside from the Cathrineholm I also found this large Pyrex mixing bowl. I've kind of started collecting Pyrex but I'm trying to limit it only to patterns and colors I like. I don't want to become a crazy pyrex hoarder, I don't have room/money for that.

And this cute made in Japan ceramic deer.

This haul was a bit out of the ordinary for me because I'm usually thrifting clothes and accessories, I rarely if ever get home accessories. I've been making a more concerted effort though to look through the home goods aisles more frequently and with a more discerning eye. I read some thrift blogs and people find amazing stuff in the home goods sections so I knew I needed to browse those more and branch out from just clothing. Guess all that "hard work" has finally paid off. In any case I'll definitely be paying the cathrineholm Savers another visit soon, on the list it goes.

Sorry for the lack of outfit posts. I did wear clothes last week but nothing especially interesting. It's been unseasonably warm around here (yay) but I hadn't really put together any good warm weather outfits and couldn't for the life of me think of any good outfits before I went thrifting. It seems in a pinch I'm not especially creative with outfits, but making lists of outfits and having them at my disposal when I just can't think of a good outfit seems to help.  So a couple days ago I made a list of a some good warm weather outfits so I should have more outfits to post soon.

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