Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring is in the Air

Shirt: Kohls  Cardigan & Scarf: Vintage  Tights: Target  Skirt: Thrifted (orginally target)   
Shoes: Gifted  Earrings: PLNDR

          It's been increasingly warm these last few days in good ole Minnesota, which is incredibly rare. Last year round this time we still had a thick wall of snow. It seems though that the amazingly mild winter we've had is turning into an early spring (fingers crossed). Still it's Minnesota and in an instant the weather can turn right back to cold and snowy. I got up early Sunday and my mom and I decided to go on a mini road trip. My bestie had just been on one herself to Maiden Rock, WI so I was semi-inspired by her trip and suggested Red Wing, a (semi) nearby town. We'd been to Red Wing a few years before and went to a pottery place (Red Wing is famous for shoes and pottery) and then pretty much left. We went a different more scenic route this time; possibly due to our GPS that seems to be fond of scenic byways instead of seemingly quicker routs. Either way we had a really nice drive and ended up in Red Wing. While there we gawked at some beautiful old houses in town and then went to a mallish place that had antique stores. I inherited a love of all things old from my mom so we browsed the three whole levels of antiques, ohhing and awwing at all the cool stuff. Most of the stuff was pottery and glass/table ware. Though those things are nice they're not exactly things either of us really collect, so we left empty handed but with some serious eye strain (So. Much . Stuff). I didn't take any pictures, though I did take my camera. I haven't quite mastered the taking pictures all the time thing, which is one of my blogger weaknesses. Though I like to take pictures I also like to live in the moment and experience what I'm doing "in the now." Sometimes I feel like you can get caught up trying to take pictures of the memories and not really experience it to the fullest. I'm working on trying to figure out a good balance and next road trip I'll definitely take at least some pictures.
            Anyway since we were going out and it was nice out I decided to wear a "blog worthy" outfit. I've been dying to wear/blog this outfit since I got the skirt and figured I should seize the opportunity and go for it. In my original conception it had a collar necklace and my knee high black boots, but since we were going to a small town I decided to make it a bit more casual. I really like how the outfit turned out even though  I could have gone bare legged, it was that warm! But, I don't really trust spring weather and sometimes the temperature in Minneapolis can differ drastically from the temperature in other towns so I erred on the side of caution and went with the tights. I totally love this outfit and you can definitely expect to see more of this skirt in the future.

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