Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011 asos purchases

2011 asos purchases

             Since I'm newly re-unemployed I'm going back to my "don't buy any new (non thrift/ secondhand) clothes until employed" pledge. I may have to cave and buy a couple pairs of pants at some point, but I'm gonna try and look for them awhile in thrift stores first. Anyway while I was still technically employed (last week) and Asos was having a sale, I decided I should go for it and buy a few last minute pieces I've been drooling over for a while. As you can see this year I'm all about the statement Jewelry, which is good since one of my weaker fashion skills is accessorizing. I'm hoping to step up my accessorizing game this year and, of course, channel Liz Taylor as Cleopatra as much as possible. I'd been drooling over the statement necklace ever since I saw it on Asos and since it was on sale and back in stock I decided the time was right to buy. The earrings weren't on sale but are so cute I couldn't resist. The mesh shirt is a bit of a departure for me, especially since it's January and cold. I bought this black forever 21 dress a couple years ago, as a bit of an impulse buy, that I really like but it's sleeveless. I don't mind sleeveless but this is a short black tube dress and wearing it as is just didn't feel very me. I'd been looking for a good sheer/mesh shirt to put under it but hadn't found anything good, so when I saw this online I knew it would be perfect. I still have to try it on with the dress and make sure it works though. There was another item, a mesh bodysuit, on Asos that also would have worked. But, years of Dance leotards and  less then fond memories of bodysuits I wore when I was 5 deterred me from buying it. I figured this shirt would get me more mileage, it'll work well with the dress, as a shirt with a tank top underneath during the summer and possibly with a blazer during the winter. Anyway if I hate it with the dress I can always return it and get the bodysuit (same price). Finally I've been lusting after this red knit dress for a while. It has a 50's cut to it and seems a little Cleopatra to me. I think with a statement necklace and some cute shoes it'll be fabulous. Anyway you should be seeing these in outfit posts as soon as I receive them and I'll let you know how they are in person.

          So after my few months of relatively little thrifting (gasp) I'm getting back in full gear for the new year. First though, I think I'm gonna go through my closet and see what I can donate and try to come up with creative way to wear stuff that's I already own but rarely wear or haven't worn yet. I love thrifting but I'm gonna try and spend as little money as possible, period, until I get another job. I'm also gonna try and be more selective while thrifting. I'm usually pretty good at this but there's always room for improvement. So that should keep be busy for a while and hopefully drum up some content for the blog as well. 

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