Monday, January 23, 2012

Technical Difficulties and Style Resolutions

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      Even though i'm neither here nor there about New Year's resolutions I did end up making some this year. Most of my resolutions are personal but I did make a few blog ones, mostly updating more and improving the quality of my photos. Eager to start working on my blog resolutions early I went out and bought a tripod. Unfortunately, when I came home and attempted to take photos with it I found out my camera is dead. Luckily my camera's extended warranty is still valid, so hopefully I can get it fixed soon. I also have a cheaper camera I can use in the meantime. But, this may mean posts will be slower with fewer pictures until the camera situation is fixed.

      Anyway I figured it would be fun to also make some style resolutions for the blog. I think it'll help me further evolve my style and take more style risks in this still young year. So here are my 12 style Resolutions for 2012:

     1. wear a completely neutral outfit/ work more neutrals into my wardrobe
     2. experiment more with black
     3. break in my docs
     4. wear/ find more blazers
     5. try out pastels
     6. Thrift more but be pickier about clothes I buy
     7. re-focus on pants
     8. invest in work wear
     9. attempt to wear heels more
    10. experiment more with makeup and hairstyles
    11. experiment more with accessories
    12. Go through closet: donate unwanted and wear unworn

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