Monday, December 26, 2011

Recently Aquired

Recently aquired
            Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I got a new to me computer and have not been able to find the disk for my camera's software and have been a bit lazy to use the other computer to post. But, I will definitely post my new year's outfit and blog more in the new year.  I haven't really acquired much fashion-y things lately. I've been waiting for after Christmas sales, been trying to save money and haven't been to many thrift stores. Anyway I figured I'd give an update on the things I've recently bought/ received for Christmas.
1. In November after lusting after this Asos dress for a while, I finally caved and bought it as a birthday present to myself. It had been sold out in my size for a while so when it came back in stock, in my size and on a weekend when they had a 20% off coupon code I just couldn't resist.  It's sparkly and fun and I'm totally in love with it.
2. If you haven't noticed I'm going through kind of a Cleopatra phase, which basically means I'm obsessed with statement jewelry and simple solid colored dresses. When I saw this necklace on A Beautiful Mess, it was just too perfect. Very Cleopatra. But, it's a bit pricey so I asked for it for Christmas and I got it! It's definitely my favorite gift this year and I'll be working it into an outfit post soon.
3. As you know my mission this fall was to find knee high boots. While I'm still in search for more lovely boots I finally made a purchase earlier this month. I found these boots on while casually surfing and immediately liked the style and price. I haven't been able to wear them much, the pitfalls of a work uniform, but you'll definitely be seeing them soon.
4. I finally caved and bought the Nasty Gal draped across dress. I ended up getting it in Melon, which wasn't my first or second choice but the only color I liked left in my size. I'm still not 100% on the color but it's pushing me outside of my color comfort zone and it's growing on me. I do, though, love the cut of the dress and was pleased to find that the deep V doesn't drape as deeply as shown in the above picture.  It'll be fabulous in the summer and I'll try to figure out a way to wear it in the winter as well.
5. This summer I became obsessed with Melody Ehsani Jewelry when browsing the jewelry section on Karmaloop. These earrings were available in the summer but by the time I got any money they were out of stock. Luckily the designer has them for sale on her personal site.  I asked for them (in gold) for christmas and got them. They're huge but super cool and totally go with my Cleopatra phase, I mean they have king tut on them!

Anyway I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or just a good December 25th. I probably won't be posting until the New Year so I hope you have a fun New Year's Eve and I'll be back January 1st, 2012 with a new outfit post!

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