Friday, September 18, 2015

Dem Booties tho

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It may come as no surprise that this fall I'm still head over heels for the 70's trend. And thusly have a serious craving to cover those heels in a fine pair of booties.  I do have a pair of black fringe booties I got from Target a few years ago that I am still very much in love with. They are part of the reason I'm so into this trend, they're very cute but also super easy to walk in. As a non-heel wearer, for the most part, that's key to me actually wearing a heeled shoe.  Since I already have a lovely black pair, this season I'm looking for the perfect camel bootie with a stacked wood heel. This would seem easy as booties are everywhere this season, but many of the booties I've found I like are pretty pricey. So I'm searching the thrifts hoping to get lucky and if all else fails waiting for a good coupon code to snatch  up a pair.  

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