Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!!!

     I hope you guys are having a great Halloween, it's one of my favorite holidays. This year will most likely be more of the watching Halloween movies type years as i'm really not sure if I'm gonna dress up or not tonight (i'm leaving it up to my mood later tonight). So since I may or may not have a costume post later I figured I'd give you a peek into my favorite halloween costume ever!

     Yes when I was about 6 I was the yellow power ranger. I LOVED Power Rangers, as did pretty much every kid my age at that time. But at the time my best friend was girly-er and definitely more of a pink ranger kinda girl, so obviously I had to be the yellow power ranger as she was the only other girl ranger on the US show. So when Halloween rolled around I had to be the yellow power ranger, there were no other options it was the yellow power ranger or death! (not really but you get the gist). Alas they did not sell yellow ranger halloween costumes. Oh they had the pink ranger, they had the blue ranger, they had the red, the green, EVERY OTHER RANGER EXCEPT YELLOW! My little heart was crestfallen.

     Thankfully my mom is really into halloween and she got one of my daycare providers and my grandma to make me this costume. I even remember going to Jo Anne fabrics and getting the pattern and yellow and white felt. The only thing that wasn't hand made were the gloves which we got at Target and made swish-y noises (like you were punching something?) when you moved the fingers.  Anyway it was the best costume ever. My best friend and I even got to walk around as the pink and yellow power rangers that year when we went to this Fox 9 halloween kid thing, it was pretty epic. 

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  1. LOVE the costume. :D and homemade costumes, I'm spoiled, my mom made a lot of my costumes growing up. I loved having high quality costumes and the love of them hasn't dissipated at all.