Monday, April 8, 2013

Things I didn't buy at the Thrift Store

1.  Mid century dresser

 2.  Random Japanese plate. After going to the "Japan" section of Epcot at Disney world and seeing all the cool Japanese pottery they had I'm kind of into Japanese pottery. This plate was nice but not quite nice enough to get.

4.  More dressers

5.   Ugly/cool pendant light

6.  Green Asian-y lamp. This lamp was pretty cool but I figured I don't really need anymore lamps unless I can't live without them. 

7.  Sunrise in America 80's dolls. I almost got these but the last thing I need is dolls collecting dust in my room, so I passed.

8.  Nightstand.

9. Cow Creamer Dispenser. I'm kind of into these creamer dispensers that are shaped like cows. But I don't really need it so I passed.

10.  Arts and Crafts Style couch.

11. Barbra Streisand Superman record. I only look through the records occasionally, but this record was kind of cool. Go on Babs with yo' bad self.

12. Vintage Pink Chair. The last thing we need is more chairs, but this one was very tempting.

13.  Random mug.
 14. Fancy-ish china. I looked on the bottom of this and it looked like it was fancy china, but I don't know much about china. Even though it was cute I just don't need it and don't really have anywhere to put it.

15. Vintage Snack Sets. Some of these were cool and in their original packaging which was cool, but I already have one set of snack sets and I don't use them.

     a. Hawaiian Leaf Snack Set

b. Avocado snack set

c. "Vintage" Snack set

d. other random snack set

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  1. Holy hell, so many sets in he packaging. What kind of magic thrift store was that? I don't think I'd have resisted. That said, I vividly recall spending hours at Epcot in Japan and admiring the beauty of all things Japanese, I adore their pottery. But avoid bringing more of it home. Gotta be a thrifter, not a hoarder :)