Saturday, April 20, 2013


          Yes those pictures are recent and yes it's the middle of April. Winter seems to digging it's icy fingernails deep into Minnesota this year, much to everyone's chagrin. Though we've had some nice days they have been eclipsed by the accumulation of multiple inches of snow in mid April. This is all to say that this weather really hasn't inspired any fabulous outfits. My fashion brain seems to be purely focused on warm weather and just isn't jiving with all this snow. Nevertheless I did manage to put together a halfway decent outfit to share with you all so here goes nothin'!

Top:thrifted  Jeans:Old Navy  Boots:Gifted 

I wore this to go thrifting on one of my days off. I was so tempted to go with my "go-to" outfit but forced myself to wear something else. Obviously this isn't an amazing outfit but It's still pretty good, I'm happy with it. Anyway here's hoping spring finally beats off winter soon so I can finally put my winter outfits and the thought of snow to rest, at least for a few months.

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