Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What I didn't buy at the thrift store

 Hey everybody and welcome to another addition of Things I didn't buy at the thrift store. I have actually been buying some stuff at the thrifts but most of it has been clothes and I'm not sure if you guys want to see that or if I should just wait and post them in outfit posts, I'm leaning towards the latter. Anyway here are some things I've passed up on my recent thrifting trips

1. Groovy cookie jar. This cookie jar is so ugly it's kinda cute, but it wasn't ugly/cute enough for me to put it in my cart.

2. Red Wing Pot. I liked this pot but I don't really need another pot so I passed it up.

3. Campaign style dresser. I've been wanting a campaign style dresser like this for awhile, ever since I saw this picture on pinterest. This dresser would have been perfect since it wasn't in great shape so I wouldn't feel bad about painting it green and it was only $25.00. It wasn't too big but I don't think it would have fit in my tiny little car, so I passed it up. I seriously need a friend with an SVU or truck that likes to thrift and wouldn't mind helping a sister move thrift furniture to her house. A girl can dream right? I do have a family friend that has a large van, but he lives a little farther away and it's really only worth the hassle of calling him if I really love the piece.

3. Campaign style desk. The dresser had a matching desk that was also pretty cute and cheap, but obviously if I can't move one I definitely can't move two.

4.  Rock star Nutcracker. Ok I would have never actually have bought this but it was kind of funny to see. I used to be really into Nutcrackers when I was like 8 and saw the Nutcracker movie, but I never really understood them. They're festive though.

5. Framed Cross Stiched sad children. I'm always looking for cute or quirky art at the thrift store, but these weren't quirky enough to bother with. I still think they're kind of fun though.

6. Aldo faux berkin. I liked this bag but when I inspected it further the shoulder strap was ripped and it wasn't really worth it.

7. Livestorng bracelets. Remember when these were big? Remember when Lance Armstrong had won 7 tour de France titles and we thought it was not due to steroids? Oh the good ol' days. Now Lance and apparently his bracelets are hung out on the .99 cent shelf at the thrift store.

8. Chairs. I thought these were pretty nice chairs. My favorite is the dark wood one on the left, but I don't need any chairs so I passed them up.

9. Drexel Mid century Dresser. This was a nice dresser, only missing a few nobs, but I wasn't in love with it and I don't need another dresser.

10.  Vintage Faragamo Shoes. These shoes are ok but after looking them over I realized the only reason I would buy them is because they're designer shoes and that's not a great reason to buy. They're cute but not quite cute enough, although for five bucks maybe I should have taken the plunge.

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