Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Sweet Escape

      So a couple weeks ago (Valentines Day week to be exact) I packed up and went to Florida for the week. My mom got a few weeks off and wanted to go somewhere and when I was able to get a week off so we decided we should go somewhere warm, so we went to Florida.  We kind of went all over Florida, we landed in Fort Lauderdale and drove to our hotel in Islamadora, Fl (one of the Florida Keys), then we spent the next day in Key West and drove (8hrs) to Orlando. In Orlando we did the usual, Disney World and Universal Studios for 3 days (which really isn't a lot of time, people usually spend a week doing just that) and then we went to Tampa where we went on a tour of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings at Florida Southern University and a tour of (mostly) Mid Century modern houses in Sarasota, Fl. All in all it was an incredibly busy but fun vay-cay. Whenever I go back I'll probably do less and spend more time on the beach, but it was a really nice trip and a nice break from winter.
        I did take pictures, but there are so many I think i'll break them up into three posts. I also have a couple outfit posts from the trip so i'll include those when appropriate. I don't have as many outfit posts, as a lot of the Orlando time my outfits were more functional than fashion-y, it also was a tad cold (like 50/60 degrees but with rain) some of the days so a lot of the pictures of me during those days are of me in a hoodie, which isn't real exciting.
         I figured I'd  get the outfit post out of the way first. I wore this the first full day we spent in Florida. I like it but i'm not in love with it, not really sure why.

The patio of our hotel room.

Top (actually a dress): Thirfted  Skirt: Asos  Belt: Target  Shoes: DV by Dolce Vita

Now onto the (many) Florida Keys Photos:

Palm trees

view from our room's patio

the beach around our hotel

I guess Islamadora is known for it's good fishing so our hotel had lots of docks for boats and fishing,

cool bird

These little cabins were also part of our hotel. Aren't they cute?
 Key West.

When we finally got to Key West we had to find parking, it was really packed when we got there, and we went immediately to Ernest Hemingway's house, one of our must see sites on the trip.

The Hemingway House

The house had some really cool light fixtures:

Hemingway was a cat person and was really fond of these extra-toed cats. Now the decendents of these cats occupy the house and grounds, it's really cute.

just a cat on Hemingways bed, nbd.

the house had some amazing bathrooms

You know just hanging out on the display thing

I'm obsessed with this bathroom, isn't it amazing? I want it!
Look at that funky tile. momma like.

view down from the veranda

I told you i liked that bathroom

The ground were really beautiful too, though the ground smelled a bit like cat pee...

Hemingway's carridge house/ study. I love the way this room is decorated.

The cats really do run this house

Urinal turned cat watering hole. Hemingway took it from his favorite bar Sloppy Joe's (see below) when they moved to a new location. His then wife added the water fixture and tile to pretty it up.

We found a cat that looked like my Olive man so I had to take a few pictures of it.

shortly after this the cat on the left pounced on the cat on the right, it was pretty cute.

Oliver? no, but still cute

All cats love boxes

Cat houses made to look like mini versions of the big house

cat cemetery

the house was right across the street from a light house

On the streets in Key West:

The Southernmost Point of the USA:
The marker that i didn't take a picture in front of because there was literally a line for it. I wasn't waiting in line for that.

Hemingway's favorite bar

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  1. SO jealous - these pictures are amazing!! I love all the cats at the one place too!