Monday, December 24, 2012

Favorite Christmas Specials : TV edition

Every year I spend Christmas Eve and Christmas, between food, family and presents, marathoning Christmas movies and specials. Since I'm in a marathon-y mood I figured I'd do a list of some of my favorite Holiday TV specials.

1.  How the Grinch  Stole Christmas

 How can you not love the Grinch? The green outsider who hated the whos and their infernal Christmas jubilation, steals every inch of commercial christmas only to learn " what if christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store?" The grinch is required christmas tv special watching in my opinion, if nothing else for the animation and the the sort of  60's cool whoville. One day I will have all grinch inspired christmas decor and it will be awesome.

2. The Year without a Santa Claus:

 Ok so this may or may not be considered a classic to some, but it's definitely one to me. Santa's sick and doesn't feel like anyone cares about Christmas, all he wants to do is stay in bed a feel better. So Mrs. Claus sends two elves and Vixen down to Southtown USA to drum up some christmas spirit. Basically the mayor of southtown  says if they can get it to snow in south town for one day they'll give Santa a holiday. The problem? the Miser brothers heat miser who controls the south and snow miser who controls the north are bitter rivals and neither will budge until their mother, mother nature, makes them compromise. The best part of the special is  the miser brothers, whose catchy theme songs are infectious. I'm also pretty sure heat miser is from the Jersey, as he has Pauly D's hairstyle. Anyway if you've never seen this special WATCH IT, it's ridiculous but fun and it's on ABC family at least once a week.

3. A Charlie Brown Christmas: 

I mean do I even have to explain why? Groovy tunes, sweet dance moves and a break down of  the meaning of christmas by a kid who still shleps a blankie around. How can you not watch this special?

4.  Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer:

 The classic of all classics. Rudolf is the rednosed outcast that just wants to fit in. Oh those cruel reindeer games!  Apparently it does get better, but only if it's super foggy one Christmas and your malady can save the day. Santa is kind of a jerk in this holiday classic about the little reindeer with a shiny red nose who just wants to fit in. There's a good lesson here in that everyone who hates on Rudolph eventually has to eat their words and realize they're wrong, guilt the great equalizer. Anyway the real gem of this special is the killer animation and the lovely retro feel it evokes every time you watch it. 

5. Frosty the Snowman:

Magic hat makes snowman come to life, snowman is fun, yay snowman!, Snowman slowly dying, send snowman to north pole so he doesn't die. MERRY CHRISTMAS KIDS! Frosty is fun nostalgia and can remind you of those lovely years of yore when those mountains of snow meant snow days and snowmen and not shoveling and a shitty commute.

6. Rugrats christmas and Chanukah special:

 My favorite Rugrats episodes have always been their Jewish holiday specials . They don't really show these on TV anymore but you can watch them on netflix, which I did a week ago during Chanukah, because I seriously love that special. The Chanukah special follows Tommie through his first Chanukah as he and the gang learn about Chanukah and its different traditions. The main plot is that the babies think the meanie of Chanukah is out to get grandpa Boris, the two men are old rivals, and they decide the only way to get the meanie of Chanukah off grandpa Boris' back is to put him down for a nap. It's adorable, trust me. The Christmas special follows the gang as they go up north to  a cabin for Christmas. The Christmas special is also good and definitely worth a watch.

7. Hey Arnold Christmas Special:

Can you tell I was really into nickelodeon as a child? This special is also on netflix. Aronlds family and their boarders do a secret Santa and Arnold get the relatively mysterious Mr.  Hyunh. After a conversation with Mr. Hyunh Arnold finds out all he really wants for christmas is to be reunited with his long lost daughter. Arnold tries to reunite Mr. Hyunh with his daughter, doing the last minute Christmas shopping of a government employee that can help him. When Arnold can't get the must have item of the season, Nancy Spumoni snow boots, Helga gives up her own boots as a way to give Arnold a special Christmas gift. daww.

8. South Park Christmas Special.

There are a bunch of South Park Christmas specials but my favorite one is the musical one. Mr. Hankey is a close second but sometimes christmas poo just  grosses you out. There's also just something about santa and jesus competing in a karaoke sing off that I've always found clever and hilarious.  The special is very south park, so don't take it too seriously, but it's hilarious nonetheless and one of my faves. Most south Park episodes are on netflix so i'm assuming you can consume all of them to your hearts content that way. 

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