Friday, April 27, 2012

These are few of my favorite things (this week)

1.  This easy and delicious crock pot chicken taco recipe. 

It's so easy and you have tacos for days, delicious days. Pinterest has become one of my go-to recipe sites.

2. This tortilla soup recipe from Delightfully Tacky. 

image via Delightfully Tacky

If you get sick of eating tacos you can take that meat and make this delicious soup. Oh. My. God. It's so good! You get a delicious mouthful with each yummy bite.

3. Murder to Excellence by Jay Z and Kanye.

 I finally downloaded The Throne by Jay Z and Kanye a couple weeks ago and this is definitely one of my favorite song from it.

4. Pencil skirt inspiration. 

I got a cute purple pencil skirt last year and have only worn it once, so I've been harvesting pencil skirt inspiration from blogs I follow and Pinterest. The two above and this one are my favorites so far.

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