Monday, April 2, 2012

Summer Wishlist

Summer Wishlist

Summer Wishlist by cleopatrajonez featuring a lace dress

With warmer weather, green grass and buds on trees I find myself pining for the long warm days of summer. Of course this also means dreaming up outfits for those warm summer days and nights. The list above is a collection of things I'm currently looking for in thrift stores, possibly DIY projects and some items I'm contemplating buying retail. This set is maxi free because I've recently acquired two maxi skirts, so they're no longer on the top of my look-for list. 

1. Lace dress. I haven't been sure whether or not to get a lace dress for awhile. Now I'm kind of sold on the idea and am on the look out for a cute lace dress.

2. A Cute pair of wedges. Though I have a pair of cute thrifted wedges I'm still on the lookout for a nice pair of strappy wedges. I'm also looking for some more flats since most of mine have seen better days.

3.  Retro inspired Glasses. Though I still love my current glasses I've been pining for a new pair for a while. I'm pretty into the retro inspired styles that are trendy at the moment. I figure since my current glasses are pretty classic I can go for a trendier look. At first I wanted a wayfarer but now I'm leaning towards the half-rim wayfarer-esque ones above. 

4. A cute and easy summer dress. I have a bunch of dresses but I'm always on the lookout for a fun flirty summer dress . Basically a dress that's light and breezy and works well from day to night. 

5. Black and white striped T. I've been looking for a while for a chunkier black and white striped T-shirt. I plan to pair it with my new maxi skirts for a cute and casual look. So far I've had no luck at the thrift store and am tempted to buy the one above from Zara. 

6. Collar. Collars have been trendy or awhile but for one reason or another I haven't acquired any clothes with collars or any detachable ones. I'm currently looking for a detachable one that tickles my fancy. I'd love to find a really cool vintage one or a cheap one. I've also seen some really cool peter pan collar DIY's that I might try as well.

7. Chambray button down. I've been looking for a chambray button down for the last month or so. This is another thing I plan to pair with my new maxi's. I've found some in thrift stores but none were perfect, so the search goes on. The one above is from Old Navy and I'm slightly tempted to buy it, but I still have that voice in the back of my head that knows I can find one for cheap at the thrift store. 

8. Colored Pants. I didn't jump on this trend when it emerged this fall but I'm now ready to embrace the look. I got some cobalt pants from Target that I love and now colored pants have made it onto my list of things to look for at the thrift store.

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