Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What's In My Bag?

 The "what's in your bag?" meme seems to come and go every year at some point. Since it seems to have come again I decided to partake. So welcome to the very sexy innards of my bag.

 My bag was originally from Target but I got it at goodwill a couple weeks ago. I have a lovely turquoise bag that used to be my go to but recently acquired a large rip in the bottom and on some of the outer pockets. Even though I still love that purse and can probably sew it up a bit, I knew it was time for a new bag. I'm not completely in love with this bag but I haven't found a bag yet that I really love. So this is my in-between bag until I find something I really love. The only real downside to this bag is that it's a lot smaller than my other bag. I can barely fit my work apron in it when I need to and I can't fit any large books in it either. Anyway here's a breakdown of the innards of by bag.
  1.  Advair. I'm asthmatic, sexy I know, and sometimes I forget to take my preventative medicine so I carry it around with me.
  2. Jumbled headphones for my iPod.
  3. iPod. I carry this around more since getting my car, it has an ipod outlet which I use on the regular. Yes that is me singing loudly in the small blue car next to you.
  4. Small Nalgene Bottle. I go this a couple years ago with a pack of bigger nalgene bottles that I used to pack shampoo and conditioner while I was abroad. Now I use it as a pill case. Currently it's full of ibuprofen and claritin.
  5. Ecuadorian Coin Purse. I go this at a small market in Quito where they hawk tourist-y goods. I bought a few scarfs but only had a large bill and the guy didn't have any change so he told me to add a small item to even it out. Incidently I probably use this more than any other thing I bought while in Ecuador.
  6. Camera Cord. I don't usually carry this around, I think I stuffed it into my purse after uploading my last blog post. 
  7. Random Pens. Pens seem to come and go in my bag. Sometimes I have a ton and other times I have none. The purple pen is from our vet and the others were probably taken from around the house/ stolen from my mom.
  8. Wallet. I got this wallet a couple years ago from Urban Outfitters. I like that it's slim, looks like a clutch and has a crocodile texture with shiny gold interior. 
  9. Work Badge for my Sometimes Job. Since I'm currently working (until the end of next week) this has made it back into my bag. It lets me get into my job and permits me to traverse the hidden bowels of the mall.
  10. Rescue Inhalers. I usually carry only one of these but I couldn't find my inhaler with the lowest number of puffs a couple weeks ago so I opened a new one. Now I have two in my bag. It works better like this because if I take one out to use and leave it around the house I always have one in my bag. Isn't asthma fun!
  11. Ice Breakers Mints. I use these occasionally and sometimes they really come in handy. I had a job interview a couple weeks ago and I don't know if it was stress/anxiety or dormant impending illness ( I actually got sick a couple days later) but I ended up throwing up before the interview. Luckily I had these babies on hand. TMI? I know, I know.
  12. Bert's Bee's Chapstick. You know that awful time when you really need chapstick and you don't have any? I hate that, so I carry one with me at all times. 
  13. Tweezers. You never know when you catch a glimpse of yourself and your about two hairs away from full on wolfman or woman. I am always prepared for those situations. 
  14. Random business card. I stuffed this in my purse while in a moderately priced Vintage (pop up?) store last Sunday.
  15. Black Power Pick. Yes I carry around a black power pick, I'm (half) black I can do it. Ironically my (white) mom gave it to me as a christmas present a couple of years ago when I went natural.
  16. My purple non-iPhone. Last year we downgraded our phone plan from smart phones to just phone and text, this is one of the few phones you can get that requires no data plan. It's actually kind of refreshing not to have a smart phone. I had a crackberry and was on it all the time, now I'm not constantly checking my phone. It's actually kind of freeing. The only downside is the camera on my phone really sucks and since I don't have an iPhone I can't enjoy some of the cool iPhone apps or join instagram and have vintage-y looking pictures of my cats, shoes, food etc.  Not constantly being on your phone also opens your eyes to the sometimes incredibly rude ways people use their phones.

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