Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 7: Flower Power

   Shirt: Old Navy Skirt: Kohls Shoes: Target

          So if you adhere to the no white after labor day rule fret not I wore this labor day weekend and therefore broke no rules, though I don't really believe in fashion rules and will wear white whenever I feel like it.  This is another outfit comprised of clothes I've had for years and never really wear much. I used to wear the shirt a lot but it's seen better days and isn't really that great to begin with so it's sort of relegated to the back of my closet. In the beginning I was going to pair this skirt with a red and grey striped top but I decided it looked better with a solid top and this was one of the few ones that had a color that really worked with the skirt. The skirt I bought two years ago in a little pre-study abroad shopping trip. I went to Ecuador in spring 2009 for study abroad and wasn't really sure what the climate would be like so I figured I should have some items I could wear if I went somewhere really warm and/or had to be a little bit more put together. My program was based in Quito where it's pretty much like spring most of the year and layering was a must. I did go to warmer parts of the country but ultimately never wore the skirt. When I got back this got pushed to the back of my closet and I kind of forgot about it until this challenge came along and I rediscovered it. I really like this skirt, it has kind of a 50's-esque vibe which I always like and the print is kind of fun and interesting. I didn't really wear it much this summer but I'll definitely be wearing it more summer '12. This skirt has also made me a bit Ecuador nostalgic, I had such a good time there, if you're thinking of studying abroad in Latin America I definitely would look into programs in Ecuador. Anyway since I'm feeling nostalgic and recently spoke with my host niece/little sister Manuela I figured I'd also post a picture from Ecuador. Enjoy!

View of the Panicillo (Virgin of Quito, on the hill) from the Basilica in Quito

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