Monday, June 16, 2014

Thrift Hurl

I'm back with another thrift haul! This one is significantly smaller as it's a roundup of the goodies I've found in just the last few weeks, but it's quality not quantity. And away we go!

1. Vintage Thermo Serve Set

I saw this set at the Salvation army and thought it was too cool to leave behind. I love the caddy it comes in and for 7 bucks I couldn't say no.

2. Vintage Chalkware lamp

I didn't actually find this piece, a close friend of my mom's gave it to me. She rents out a space at a local occasional sale and this piece didn't sell at the last sale, so she gave it to me! How nice is that?!?! I'm obsessed with Reglor lamps and though I'm pretty sure this is not a real reglor it's in the same style and I'm obsessed with it. I definitely would have paid retail for it so it was amazing to get it for free. If you're ever in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area you should check out Flamingos, it's an occasional sale full of affordable vintage finds and just happens to be where my mom's friend sells her wares. Her spot is in the stairway to the basement, so make sure to check there if you ever happen to go on a sale day.

3. Dansk

After years of looking I found not one but TWO Dansk pieces, in the same day! I found the pitcher first at my local goodwill. It has some nicks and the braiding on the handle is coming undone but other than that it's pretty nice. I thought the braiding on the handle might have been a camp crafter gone rogue, but after googling a bit I found a lot of other pitchers have the same thing. Kind of a weird touch but cool. The little sauce pan I found that same day at another thrift store. Two dansk pieces, of the same color, at two different thrift stores? It must have been my lucky Dansk day. Unfortunately it didn't come with the lid, but beggars can't be choosers. Both these items came out to about $14.00 which is a pretty good price.

4. Vintage Green lamp.

I found this lamp at the Goodwill and pretty much had to have it. I like the style and the cool glaze. I didn't come with a lampshade so now I have to find a good shade for it. I've seen similar style lamps with drum like shades before so I might go with something like that. Or maybe a cool fiberglass shade. I'm not sure so if you have any ideas please share!

5. Lady Head Vases (I don't know what these are called)

My mom's friend also gifted us these vases from her booth. Some of them have a few chips but they're still really cool.

* As always I'm linking up with Sir Thirft-a-lot's Thriftasaurus link up.


  1. Such cool finds! I love that you found two Dansk pieces in one day!

  2. Love the lamp! The dansk butter warmer did not come with a lid, so you're not missing anything. Great finds!

  3. Head vases are great!

    A dealer grabbed a yellow Dansk pot with lid out of the bin before me a few weeks ago. I was annoyed, but probably wouldn't have bought it anyway. I looked it over & saw it chipped near the rim.

    Thanks for linking up with Thriftasaurus!

    ♥ Sir Thrift-A-Lot

    1. Gah! thankfully i don't think I've run into any dealers, I assume they get there earlier than i do. At least the pot wasn't pristine, I'm sure you'll find another one sometime.

  4. Man you really scored! I LOVE your Thermos set and found that little Dansk pot last month too! I bought it to "eBay" but instead of listing it I mostly just look at it. I love your green lamp, would have definitely bought that.

  5. love the Dansk finds, always nice to find them!

  6. Oh how much are those head vases? My mom collects them, they have huge nostalgic appeal for her as one was one of the few things leftover after her mom passed. It recently broke so I wanted to get a replacement. Amazing scores all around here, the red lamp is incredible!