Saturday, June 7, 2014


I know things have been pretty quite around here, so I'm trying to jump back into posting this month. With that in mind I decided to kick off my back to posting with the easy blogger cheat post, my month in instagram photos. But, I did actually have a pretty eventful month so It's not a complete cop out. And hey maybe I'll make it a monthly thing, we'll see. So here's my Insta-May:

//I went to the last day of Minneapolis Comic Con with the boy, I couldn't go to the whole weekend due to work scheduling but the last day was fun. We got to see the Doctor aka Matt Smith as well as Sean Patrick Flannery and David Della Rocco from Boondock Saints. Sean Patrick Flannery is awesome, he had some amazing stories and was hilarious. I'd definitely go again next year, hopefully for the whole weekend. // It also started to get nice out so we finally ventured outside to Indian Mound Park in St. Paul. // Finally went to a few estate sales in May as well, I saw this cool ballerina thing but didn't buy.//
// Mid May I went to the first annual Twin Cities Burger Battle with my bestie. Tickets weren't cheap but you get free sliders and beer along with live music, plus all the proceeds went to charity. There was a lot of waiting in line for sliders and we probably took a few years off our lives for ingesting so many tiny burgers, but it was a lot of fun. //
 //More venturing outside at Lake Calhoun. // My dog really likes popcorn. // Patio dining on my mom's birthday.//

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