Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Day

Skirt: A|Wear via ASOS Top: H&M Tights & Boots: Target

           I've never been a Valentine's Day hater, although I'm pretty much always single on Valentine's day, I love the giving of cheesy valentines to friends and of course chocolate. I genearlly just acknowledge the day maybe wear red or pink and then wait for single girls Valentines day aka February 15th when all v-day chocolate is 50% off. This year though I'm in a relationship and actually have a valentine so I had to actually make plans, buy things, and figure out what to wear. It was all a bit weird, but good. After thinking about possible v-day outfits I remembered this galaxy print pencil skirt that i've had since the end of last summer and never really worn. I love the skirt and the pink and purple go with the whole valentine's day theme so that was sort of the base of the outfit. After deciding on the skirt I wanted a cute top to go with it and after going through a few options I decided to go with this pink chunky knit sweater. I'm not completely sure if I like the outfit as much as I thought I would, it may have looked better in my head, but it's still pretty good and I was glad I got to finally wear my skirt. Anyway I had a lovely Valentine's Day and hope you did too.

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