Monday, July 29, 2013

Thrift Haul'n

 1. Ceramic French Bulldog.

I mean isn't he cute?

2. 50's Lady head vase. 

 I saw this amazing episode of the Antonio Treatment on HGTV a million years ago (or at least before it was cancelled, was it cancelled?). Anyway it was this cool family that lived in a 50's house and the wife was obsessed with all things 50's. She had some of the coolest collections ever, one of which was of head vases and they were soo cool.  Video for proof:

I knew after the episode that I wanted to collect them, but haven't really pulled the trigger on any until now. This one was $30, which isn't too bad, so I figured i'd get it. I found it at the cottage house, a local vintage occasional sale place. I like the cottage house but a lot of the people that sell there tend to like the shabby chic look. So i'll find a piece of furniture I like but it'll be shittly painted green and distressed, which really isn't my style. I like wood, I wish people would just leave wood alone.

3. Made in Japan red lotus dish

  I first saw these bowls on A living space and thought they looked really cool. I've found a lot of remakes of them that are a lot bigger and generally white or black, which are cool but not the vintage ones I was looking for. Then I found a mint one at Value Village and recently this red. I just think they're cute.

 4. Mid century buffet/credenza

After helping my friend run some errands and visiting one Savers with her I decided after dropping her off to go to Bloomington and check out that savers as they were having their pre-fourth of July sale for Savers club card members. I figured if I went Sunday I could focus on going to other Savers I don't frequent as often on Monday when it was 50% off for everyone. So while browsing the furniture, I have a set route I take at thrift stores that some day I'll write about, I came across this cool mid-century buffet. A lady was looking at it when I first spotted it and I immediately hoped she was just checking it out. Thankfully she was. I looked at it, took a picture of it, then went and looked at dresses and shoes to mull it over. Soon I came back and one of the employees came up and started talking to me. After a little bit I thought it was worth the $25.00 price tag and I'd probably regret it if I didn't get it. I mean look at those sexy legs! I think the guy kinda liked me because he gave me half off the thing even though I'm pretty sure furniture was excluded from the sale, but I'm not one to fuck up a discount. I was worried it wouldn't fit in my tiny little car but luckily it kinda sorta did. I did though have to drive home with my back door ajar and tied to my car with an Ethernet cord, kinda sketch but it worked out. I've been looking for a similar mid-century piece to use as storage for awhile so it was one of those come to Jesus moments when you find something you've been wanting for a long time. I have these two plastic organizers full of papers in my room that I've been dying to get rid of, so I plan to purge some of the paper and put the rest in the new buffet. The buffet isn't in mint condition, it has a chip on one of the sliding doors and one of it's corners but for $16.00 bucks you really can't complain too much.

5. Metal Crate

I've always liked the look of milk crates, maybe it's my love of dairy or maybe just that cool industrial look. When I saw this one at the thrift store it I knew I had to get it. It reminded me of a similar one I pinned ever so long ago from Urban Outfitters (for 40 bucks). Luckily this one is a real milk crate and was a cool 2 dollars. I'd call that a bargain. I'm gonna use it for cool industrial looking storage, maybe for books maybe not, we'll see.

6. Tiki Mugs GALORE!

I picked up all of these at a local Savers on their 4th of July Sale day. Since I already went to my usual Savers for the Savers club pre-sale the day before I was free to go to two of my favorite thrifts that I don't visit as often because they're not as convenient. Anyway I always search the housewares section during sale days, especially at Savers stores since their discount generally only applies to clothes, shoes, and accessories. So while everyone is looking through the stuff that's on sale you can scoop up some really cool things, that are still pretty cheap, in the section that isn't on sale. I found these beauts while checking the section for a second time. I think only one of the cups is actually vintage but I love a tiki mug and don't really care if it's vintage or not. One is actually from a local tiki restaurant, Psycho Suzi's that makes you put down a deposit if you order a drink with a fancy mug and if you decided to keep it $5 is added to your bill, if not they don't charge you.  I guess people were walking away with the mugs, but can you blame them?  Anyway I was glad I got to grow my tiki collection, it's really shaping up nicely.

7. Fiestaware Yellow Pitcher

This is really for my mom. I love fiestaware but she's invested in a whole dinner set of fiesta and is always on the lookout for more. So whenever I see fiestaware on a thrift excursion I usually pick it up for her. We already have a similar pitcher in red but I love the pitchers and I think the fun of Fiestaware is the ability to mix and match, so the more options, the more colors the better. The pitcher was a little pricey for a thrift store at $25.00 but It's fiestaware and pretty much everyone knows it's collectable so they price it accordingly. Plus I looked online and it was still cheaper than the similar pitchers I found (even the ones on sale), plus it's for my mom.

8.  Green Haeger Gondola Planter

I try not to buy a ton of planters, unless they're really cool, as I don't have much of a green thumb and nothing really ever gets planted in them. But this little gondola guy was just too cool to pass up.

As always I'm linking up with A Living Space, Apron Thrift Girl, Remnant and Sir Thrift-A-Lot so go check out  everyone's cool thrift finds!


  1. We have been collecting the Suzi's mugs when we go down there sometimes, I never thought to check the thrifts for ones I don't have yet though! Great idea!

  2. Ok so I am a little jealous of EVERYTHING!!!! but your credenza. Gosh I am pretty sure you stole it from me and you just didn't know. jk! I love all of your finds!

    The Joyful Thrifter

    1. lol thanks! I'm jealous of that cool record stand you found.

  3. I can't believe the price on that credenza. MCM is not my normal style but for that piece, I may just change my mind.


  4. I'm dying over that credenza. I love mid-century modern pieces and that is so gorgeous. And that price? I'm kind of insanely jealous right now.

    1. I know i'm kind of obsessed with it. that was a great price, gotta love sale days!

  5. the french bulldog figurine rules. for some reason every thrift charges an arm and a leg for dog figurines around here... drives me crazy.

  6. I love it all~ So many excellent scores! I'm always looking for the head vases/planters for my mom, she collects and loves them. I'm dying for that credenza! I'd keep that beauty in my hallway. Can't beat $16!!!